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 Ezra Chikara

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Ezra Chikara

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PostSubject: Ezra Chikara   Ezra Chikara EmptySat Jul 23, 2016 6:12 pm

Name ~ Ezra Chikara

Gender ~ Male

Age ~ 18

Species ~ Human

Alignment ~ Chaotic good

Myers Briggs Type ~ ESTP

Appearance ~ Ezra, like Lydia, is Japanese-American, but is tall and fairly muscular. He has messy dark-brown hair and dark eyes. Also unlike his sister, he doesn’t seem to care too much about how he dresses, and tends to wear dark-colored jackets and torn-up jeans.

Personality ~

Ezra is a generally laid-back, kindhearted person. He often rushes into things without properly thinking it through; and often pays the price for doing so. He has a very stubborn nature, and will not allow anyone or anything keep him from reaching his goals (primarily, finding his little sister).  

He's constantly at war with himself, feeling self-hatred for purposefully abandoning his sister. However he won't show it, and instead masks it with an upbeat and positive attitude. He even goes so far as telling lies to others who inquire about the sister that he so fervently searches for. He hopes that reuniting with her will help him make amends.

He really likes being around small children, and has a strong brotherly instinct towards anyone younger than himself. He also has a protective nature, and will risk everything for those that he truly cares about.

Strengths ~ He is pretty good with a gun (though he dislikes using it unless he has to), and is pretty tough in a fight. When he was younger he used to simultaneously carry his heavy backpack (sometimes groceries) and Lydia (because she liked to be carried).

Weaknesses ~ He tends to rush into things, and doesn’t always think his plans through carefully before he acts upon them. He’s also easily distracted, and isn’t the most perceptive.

History ~

Ezra was born to a nice, loving and caring family. He had an adorable younger sister who he loved to spend time with. Even though both of his parents worked, they both still managed to find the time to spend with their children. However, one day when Ezra was only ten years old, his parents were murdered by a street gang. Being the only family his little sister had left, he dedicated himself to taking care of her.

All seemed to be going fairly well for the two of them. Though he was still young, Ezra found little ways to earn enough money to support them. However, things weren’t as well as they appeared. In a time when things seemed hopeless, Ezra resorted to joining the very gang that murdered their parents in order to get more money.

He regretted this decision terribly, but by then it was too late.

Feeling ashamed of himself for resorting to something so terrible, he ran away one day and didn’t return. Of course, this was another decision he greatly regretted as not too much long afterwards the apocalypse began.

He returned to the apartment one day, only to find it empty and relatively destroyed. He was convinced, however, that Lydia was still alive somewhere, as a few of her most precious belongings (most notably Shelby the rabbit and a few volumes of Sailor Moon) were missing as well. He has now dedicated himself to finding her again, and apologizing for abandoning her.
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Ezra Chikara

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PostSubject: Re: Ezra Chikara   Ezra Chikara EmptySat Jul 23, 2016 9:11 pm

"Hello? Lydia?? Are you there?"

Ezra opened the apartment door and got in quickly, locking the door behind him. It had only been a month since he'd left, and already disaster had struck. He had thought zombies were only from movies!

The apartment was completely dark, and very quiet. There wasn't any sign of life anywhere. Everything was eerie and strange, as if he were in a real life horror movie. The place didn't even feel like his home anymore. It made Ezra uncomfortable. He decided to go check Lydia's bedroom, as if she really were still hiding here she'd most likely be there.

He was completely shocked by what he saw. The room was a total disaster (more so than it normally was)! There were books and toys strewn all over the floor. Her bookshelf was knocked over, and her dresser drawers were scattered about. Her bedroom window had  been shattered.


Not ready to give up just yet, he began digging through the mess, trying to find just one little sign that his baby sister wasn't dead. First of all, there was no blood that he could see. There was also a noticeable lack in stuffed animals. Lydia NEVER left the house without her favorite stuffed companions. And...what was this?? A note stuck to the wall beside the window, written in familiar handwriting.

hey Ezra!! .if you are not dead than please read this. I'm not here! I went away. If you ARE reading this, then I am very happy because tat means you haven't forgotten me! Thank you!!!! See you soon I really hope! Loooooove Lydia

Went away?? By herself?! He hoped that wasn't the case. But if she was okay...

"Heh, don't worry little sister. I haven't forgotten a thing. And I'm on my way!" he grinned. No point in worrying too much. He'd find her, and everything would be just okay! He looked down out of the window and saw a few scattered walkers and sighed. Nothing at all to worry about.
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PostSubject: Re: Ezra Chikara   Ezra Chikara EmptySat Jul 23, 2016 9:16 pm

dawwwww so optimistic! Approved! Hope to a pic of him soon though!

Ezra Chikara Illidan_sprite_by_sarrus-d4f5z8e
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Ezra Chikara
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