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 Lydia Chikara

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Lydia Chikara
Original Character
Lydia Chikara

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PostSubject: Lydia Chikara   Lydia Chikara EmptySun Jun 12, 2016 5:07 pm

Name ~ Lydia Chikara

Gender ~ Female

Age ~ 14

Height ~ 4’6”

Weight ~ It’s rude to ask a lady’s weight!!

Species ~ Human

Alignment ~ Neutral Good

Myers Briggs Type ~ INFP

Appearance ~ Lydia is Japanese-American, rather short in height and also quite skinny and appears to be fragile. Her black-colored hair is long and wavy, and is extra curly looking when damp. She usually likes to tie her hair into high twin-tails or buns using colorful ribbons. She is also quite fond of skirts, and almost never wears jeans (or pants of any sort, really).

Personality ~ Lydia is a very shy and polite girl. She considers herself to be an optimist, though during stressful situations she could act quite the opposite. She can sometimes come across as a crybaby. She is rather immature, and would rather stay a child for as long as she possibly can rather than grow up. Because of this she still owns numerous toys and stuffed animals, and feels that she needs to have at least one stuffie nearby at all times in order to stay calm and cheerful. She'll sometimes talk to them, and treats them like sentient beings.

She suffers from social anxiety, and can be very nervous around people she is unfamiliar with and hates being among a crowd. She absolutely hates having her personal space invaded, and can have difficulty speaking around people she doesn’t know and/or is uncomfortable with.

However, she does love people, and is much more comfortable in one-on-one conversations. Despite her age and childish tendencies, she is very intelligent and is rather good at reading the emotions of others. She is service-oriented and loves to help whenever she can.

She is a bit clingy, and will attach herself to those that she loves and trusts.

As she was raised to be polite and lady-like, she never tells lies and is very kindhearted and courteous towards others. She’ll be anyone’s friend as long as they’re nice!

Talents/Abilities ~ Lydia has a pretty exceptional memory, though she will admit that it is easier for her to remember scary things.
Because of her small size, she is quite good at hiding. However, her small size can also be a disadvantage as she is quite weak and cannot put up a fight.
She also happens to be a talented singer, though she refuses to sing in front of anybody.

Likes ~

Her older brother

Stuffed animals and dolls

Cute Shoujo manga (Sailor Moon is her favorite~)

Fairy tales

Hot tea (with LOTS of sugar)

Small children

Cats and kittens

Music boxes

Any dessert that contains chocolate

Dislikes ~

Loud noises (especially thunder, and hearing people yelling)

Violence of any kind


The dark (she still needs a nightlight to sleep...)

Large animals (they make her nervous)

Large crowds of people

Being alone

History ~

Lydia was born to a nice, loving and caring family. She had a loving older brother who spent a lot of time playing with her. Even though both of her parents worked, they both still managed to find the time to spend with their children. However, one day when Lydia was only six years old, her parents were murdered by a street gang. Her brother, being the only family she had left, dedicated himself to taking care of his little sister.

Not too long ago, her brother left to run an errand and never returned. Since then Lydia has been living by herself in their little apartment, waiting for him to come home.

Sample Post:


It hadn't occurred to her until recently that she'd have to do her own shopping now. She'd used up most of the food in the apartment, and was running low on essentials such as toilet paper and toothpaste.

Oh, but she really didn't want to go out by herself! She had no form of transportation besides her own feet, and walking all that way and back with all the bags wasn't really something she could realistically see herself doing. But she didn't really have a real choice in that matter, did she? She could probably make do with what she had for a few more days...right?

She decided to consult her stuffed bunny, Shelby. If anyone knew anything, Shelby did.

"Do you think that I should go to the store today, or stay home?" she inquired aloud. She pouted. Shelby thought that she should go to the store.

But there were people out there, and she didn't want to have to be around that many people. And if Lydia knew anything, she knew that not all people were very nice.

But if Shelby said that she should... She got out her backpack, put Shelby inside, and ventured out the front door.
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PostSubject: Re: Lydia Chikara   Lydia Chikara EmptySun Jun 12, 2016 5:14 pm

awwwww poor Lydia! Mikko's family says they'll adopt her! Mikko looooves taking in new little siblings! lol

And this is a nice Profile ^_^

You are approved! Go forth and caused mayhem!

Lydia Chikara Illidan_sprite_by_sarrus-d4f5z8e
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Lydia Chikara
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