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 Tidal (bb Leo&Ee)

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Erica Martins
Original Character

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PostSubject: Tidal (bb Leo&Ee)   Fri Sep 09, 2016 10:55 pm

meeting the kiss in delight and eagerness -

her fingers moved over his shoulders to catch bandana tails using the grip to tilt his head back catch his adams apple in a nip that was all sorts of sea salty and Leo in one! "mmmm - I think I saw some trapped...." she spoke from his throat between nibbles up the center over chin to lips letting bandana tails loose again. "air

spaces - should be able... to stay under a little longer."
now between kisses to lips. Her nipples were half hard, and she had a flush over her cheeks and chest - even over breasts that was not the beginnings of sun burn.
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Michelangelo Hamato

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PostSubject: Re: Tidal (bb Leo&Ee)   Sun Sep 18, 2016 2:26 am

Damn this show was hot - and he did not even have to imagine too hard he was the turtle with hands all over the girl!

hehehe but oh man if he was caught he was soooo gonna get a tail kicking!

But there was little turning back now
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Erica Martins
Original Character

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PostSubject: Re: Tidal (bb Leo&Ee)   Sun Sep 25, 2016 9:04 am

Leo churred. His body was definitely reacting to her ministrations. He groaned when she attacked his throat then his own hands began exploring her body, groping her breasts especially. He wasn't aware of his youngest brother being not to far away. At this point, he really didn't care, either. He had to have this beautiful creature. At the mention of air pockets, Leo grinned. "Perfect." Then he buried his face into her shoulder before taking her back underwater again after making sure she took a deep breath first.

Woooo did she love it when Leo churred?! Knowing by the sound of that groan that her own nibbling was certainly as delightful to him as the growth of his churrs, and the feel of those large hands over her breasts were to her! Nipples hardening under the large powerful fingers. "mmmm hmmm perfect..." she agrees her own moan a shiver throughout her form as his soft snout buried against her. Feeling his tug breathing in deep and holding as they submerged again, slowly opening her eyes cheeks large and round with the air she had gulped in for the swim to a trapped air pocket.

He was just shifting behind his rocks and coral and fish - some bright colored fish in his face gulping... he shoos it and moves around the pillar moving into a better view spot and then blinking. Hey! he wanted to shout he was just comfy again! meh but the view was still a good one!

Leo knew Erica wouldn't have much time in the air pocket. But he would make the best of it - he guaranteed it. He stole another kiss on the way down to the sunken ship. He paused to tease her again by pulling her bikini bottoms to the side to uncovered her crotch. He ran his finger through her folds once and then took her down to the air pocket.

Erica enjoyed the pause, almost to the ship and Leo was there - more than eager to meet the kiss, actually glad for it as the surprising and welcomed caress between southern lips was the action would have made her gasp aloud otherwise and probably loose her air in bubbles! mmmm yes the tease sent shivers coursing up her spine mostly hanging onto Leo for the last leg of the journey as he took them to the wreck and within the rent in it's the lower floor of the once luxury yacht was where the water staining line and barnacles showed what would be above the water during the low tide - the rooms there where the air would be. And they were closing in - getting to see the inside of the the wrecked once beautiful floating holiday vessel.

oh boy - he did not catch the finger action but he could have sworn he saw buttock! smooth buttock! woooot! he grins and not even thinking as his brother and the girl made their way into the boat - he followed, keeping low to the corals - having plenty of his own air still to see him over to the boat, moving along the mix of rockery and coral and sandy floor keeping low as not to be spotted - he hoped... man he was being such a perv! but the teen in him was so not letting this pass!

Leo let her get settled before his finger worked on her again. He grinned and teased her southern lips once more. This time he was going to finish what he started.

Erica saw glimpses of the yachts torn side and the furniture - it might have been a deep colored wood and red cushions, darkened by being under water, fish ignored them as they made there way up the entire top floor something of a cockpit for the vessel when it had been in use was half full with water, the rest - as Erica found out when they reached the spot and she could grip onto a desk was air - cold and smelly sea air but air! and she was just refilling lungs when Leo's finger found her again and she wriggled - shuddered - shifting her feet still in the water opening legs to grant better access excited, reaching a hand back to touch him, not quite reaching his tail but brushing fingers along a thigh none the less.

Oh man he lost sight of them as the pair vanished into the boat - but a little swimming along the pillar of rock and he found a wide open window - and yes! his brother was not entirely blocking the view of the girls backside! scorrrre - ow! he had not paid attention and a coral stung him! giving it a dirty look he shifted away from it - still being a total creeper!

but it would be okay as long as Leo never knew right?

and boy could he see more than just her backside as he settled himself again - perving.

Leo felt her hand and he moved forward a little so she could reach his tail. He could release it at any time, but he loved it when she brought him out into the open. He was still churring as he wiggled his finger a little against her. He still wasn't aware of their audience.

Erica slowly brushing fingers along his thigh up over the tail now in reach of her fingers which lightly cup the appendage thumb teasing the cloaca lids as he was to her, so making her hips buck a little to his knowing touch "mmmm gooooh oood!"

Moving again he frowned Leo was closer to her blocking his view of her buttocks and all between but a move lower and he could see... Sorta again hand on his own problem of stiffness and one behind securing himself in place.

Leo slid out into the open, closing his eyes briefly. Oh, that felt so good. He wanted her to touch him as much as she wanted. Gradually, Leo slid his finger inside her, slowly stretching her.

Stretching that felt amazing!

A long moan leaving her lips inner heated slippery squeezing muscles around him as her own had cups that rising length and tail end stroking both at first in the same squeezing motion turning her had to look a him over her shoulder to find eyes a grin spreading over lips " Your asss eaggehhhr! As I am!" she manages between moans hips rocking back enjoying the fingering!

Oh he could so see at this angle the finger of his brother slipping inside of the little perky blond and she was clearly enjoying it! Oh boy!

Leo heard her moan and continued. His length was hardening with her every gasp and touch. He churred and moved a little closer so she could reach him better. He didn't think he could wait much longer to be inside her.

Her hand moved over him faster feeling him harden and lightly teasing with her nails as he does so now she had full range over cock and tail with that one hand she used it to full advantage in long firm squeezing stroking shifting her hips making her hand as it stroked up over green length head bump his hand - with that finger still making her wriggle and squirm and mooooan.

Damn he could not hear but oy vei no doubt his brother was getting good noises! It was easy for the imaginative and pervy orange clad turtle to entirely forget he was being a creeper and imagine himself there... Preparing the hot lil blond for more than just fingering... His right hands fingers own certainly working his own problem... Nmm

Leo very gently kept stretching her as she worked on him. He felt himself groan as his churring was nearly drowning out her noises. But he still heard them. Finally, he was ready and he removed his finger from her and moved his hands back to her breasts before he let himself enter her.

Mmmm she was so ready for him - so teased by Leo's fingering that the feel of much larger cock gave her a mini release making her cry out in their hidden underwater space and squeeze him - and delightfully Leo was close enough behind her now to catch his lips kissing her nipples still nice ad firm from teasing before... Her hand that had been teasing him moved between her legs to wrap fingers around his tail and stroke it.

Dammmn he did not have to hear to know what that face the way the smaller body bucked and back arced bringing those moment ago squished to the desk top breasts further into his bros hands... He nearly came himself just watching!

He was in sooo much trouble if he was spotted.

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Erica Martins
Original Character

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PostSubject: Re: Tidal (bb Leo&Ee)   Tue Sep 27, 2016 9:32 am

Leo couldn't help but groan when she squeezed him from within. He could never get enough of it. It just made him harder inside her as he gradually began moving. He churred and returned her kiss, trying not to suck in more air than he needed to so she had enough for this little session.

Her own moaaan echoed the groan she heard muffled and squished into the kiss they shared, another soft groan, that delicious warm and strong friction beginning a new withing as Leo begins to thrust her knees bracing against the desks legs which had a growth of something slimy but she did not care, she could move her hips back against him matching the gradually building pace, the penetration at this back to his plastron position and bent as she as over the surface a whole new delight. "Ooooohmmm" still muffled.

Oh this was hot! - and no not the sting of another jab of coral against his leg - but the scene he was sooo wrongly perving on! Hand squeezing himself between strokes... uuuup and dooown!

Leo couldn't help but pant between kisses. She felt so good. He nuzzled her shoulder and kept pace with his movements. He moved his hands to her breasts and kneaded them in large circles.

He panted - she gasped "Le ee ee ooo" between the pants, the kisses, back arching again as those large hands - so soft of palm between the areas on the underside of knuckles and fingers pads and the pad of thumb teased and kneaded her breasts, making nipples harden all the more and she wriggled a little in pleasure hips moving back to meet his movements bringing him deeper, squeezing tighter - so tight it felt in this new 'the Frisk' position... lightly nibbling a cheek when he nuzzled her shoulder hoping to receive a few light nips of her own in return - she liked those... as much as the churrs rumbling against her back!

Mannnn he was so going to have to give a shout out to his brother for making the girl squirm like that! Though to the wild imagination Mikey had he was doing it ! and her noises were mostly all in his head - and it was his own hand squeezing and stroking and tugging upon his own - and in his opinion great green length... but semantics!

[b]Leo buried his face into her shoulder, moving faster and harder inside her. He was panting heavily and he kept his hands on her breasts as he very gently nipped her shoulder. Of course he would never hurt her. He closed his eyes as he neared his release, happy to know that he could cum inside her without any real consequences. Because he was certain to have a big load in this new and very erotic position.

Mmmmmmm her entire being shuddered in joy feeling the large Leo teeth very gently brush and scrap and pinch her skin in nipping, moaning out a half cry and moving with him faster, harder the desk groaning and squeaking and the water sloshing a little around them both - the alarmed fish around their legs darting away - one with a quick suck on Leo's tail as it goes. Though Erica did not know that feeling herself nearing that crest of release, tensing all muscles tightening.

Literally pumping himself now! oh damn he certainly had fed a lot of fish today! and going to again very shortly! tail twitching at that moment neared and grew and threatened to burst!

Leo groaned, nearing his end as he doubled his efforts. He played with her breasts and then moved his hands down to her butt and slipped a hand between her legs to stroke her clit.

Ohhhhh his touch! nipples hard were teased by the water splashing and sloshing about them, his hands brushing down her caused another shudder from head to feet and her next cry something loud and wanton in tone, the stroke of clit making her hips buck into his thrusts, back arching all anew once more, every inch of her tight and hot feeling - especially the center of herself clenching tightly about him in that first spasm of the orgasm as the pleasure crested and broke like the waves of the ocean above them some several meters. "LEO!" her voice loud in their space, hands having reached behind her to hold his plastron edges.

Ahhhh! his own shout resulted in a cloud of bubbles and Mikey had to launch off of his rocky seat and view point upwards for the surface in mixing the bubbles of his air with the swirls of his own release into the water. Brightly colored fish in their swarms darting away from him then back to feast!

And Leo loved that sound. It didn't take much longer for him to go over the edge. He kissed her shoulder as he filled her from behind, still stroking her clit through her release. "Mmmmmm..."

Ooooh that felt good! "oooooooohhhmmmm" half a cry half a whimpering pleasured moan as spasms and shivered coursed through her from head to toes, over and over - clenching and squeezing the lioness within her over and over, slowly slowing as his finger drew the release on... her own hands holding his plastron edges until the waves ceased and fingers loosened slowly... turning her head again to find his lips - that sound of his so delicious she had to kiss it!

Leo was more than happy to return that kiss. He was still breathing heavily but he gave her more than just a kiss. He added tongue and then moved his hand back up to her waist. Then he slowly pulled out and turned her to face him before stealing another kiss from her with his arm around her.

Mmmmmm she was temped to cup his cheeks... though waited until was turned around a hand sliding behind his head to cup Leo closer and kiss back, all that tongue wrestling through pants she still had to still. "mmmm" other hand dropping down into the water to stroke him feeling with a muffled giggle fish - fish mouths bopping and sucking and touching her hand, his length, tail as her hand moved along him, her own legs and between them...

Whoa he'd just caught his breath and was still rather high and thankfully after the exciting morning not so damned hard and could withdraw himself into his tail!

Leo grinned at her. "Yeah. You could say that again." He moaned softly when she touched his length which was still pretty hard for just releasing. He didn't care. He could live with just once if she was ready to head back to the surface. He stole one more kiss from her then nuzzled her shoulder. "I love you, Erica."

Her hands teased and squeezed and stroked slowly, thumb brushing the thick head, fingers tapping because she waggled them to try scattering the fishies cloud swarming about them obviously attracted by his release, well that that dribbled when he with drew from her, and more in the water the little mouths darting in to nip at them both. She could not know most of these particular fish were filter feeders so the micro bits of protein Leo expelled was like a sudden feast for them. She giggled again, "mmmmmm hmmmmmmm." She repeated drawing the sound out and happily meeting the kiss. "And I love you my blue Lion o' Leonarrdo." purring his rrrrr's and letting her cheeks brush his pulse in his neck, nuzzling as he does.

Leo let out another groan, lightly thrusting into her hand. "Running...out of...air?" he wondered as his panting started up again from her stroking him.

"no, not yet... at least I don't think so .... mmm but certainly a new sensation feeling all these little fish nibble at us.... though I know why - you taste yummy..." Erica giggles, moans herself other hand dropping down to join in the teasing long stroking as he thrusts... as yet she felt fine - like there was still air there... enough for the moment... kissing his pulse back towards his lips.

... they were taking forever he wondered if he should go back under and check on them

Leo groaned softly, churring deeply. He returned her kiss as his hips continued moving forward in short, quick thrusts. He blushed a little when she said he tasted yummy. She certainly did. Occasionally he did feel the fish 'sampling him', but it didn't do anything but tickle him.

It tickled! Feeling the - "whoa!" Erica gave a soft eeeeeping gasp as a large fish brushed between her legs, against her sex, which still aroused as she was was sensitive, seeking more goodness making her start... Hands squeeze him hard in the surprise and tug on the thrusting into them cock bumping the head to her belly. "mmm yes they and I definitely like Leo flavor... " giggled a shiver loving those churrs not entirely certain if it was the evidence of his release they were eating or just picking at their skins... whichever was a different sort of surprising delight and was great to tease him with.

He dithered rising and falling rising the wave rolling under his shell... Still debating on whether to check or not.

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Erica Martins
Original Character

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PostSubject: Re: Tidal (bb Leo&Ee)   Wed Sep 28, 2016 11:21 pm

Leo gasped softly at the extra squeeze and groaned again. It wouldn't be much longer at this rate. He kissed her again, resting his hands on her shoulders. "E...Erica..."

"Mmmmm" she really enjoyed making him gasp like that making sure to squeeze at odd moments through quicker strokes nipping his bottom lip lightly in the kissing then trailing down over chin and throat to that spot sucking "pretty... greeen... lion..." aim in to evoke a roar from her lion turtle... Thinking it sound quiet delightful in their little air pocket space.

Looking rather like a giant green otter in the way he was floating on his shell and held his hands across plastron thumbs twirling around each other as the Mikey continues to debate checking on his brother and the girl. Mmm yep should check! And decided the turtle in his sopping wet orange bandana flips and dives swimming for his vantage spot again.

Leo was nearly at his head. He was breathing heavily and he rested his hand on the wall to support himself. Her hand was nearly his undoing as he pulled her to him suddenly. He was so gonna roar! Not only that, but his cock was taking a rare, yet still familiar different shape now.

Oh for the love of coral! He thinks and did a slow water face palm.

"Leo!" a muffled happy squeak of surprise finding herself crushed to him... Loving that even pulled to close he was in no way hurting her. It felt so good! She was just moving both hands over that green length when... She blinks shifting her backside so she was seated on the desk top and could open her legs and... See the change she could feel... Hands tugging on the larger thicker cock head "ooooooooh.... " awed sounding.

Leo knew she would be impressed. But he also couldn't help it. It just depended on how Erica touched him. He had no control over it. He buried his face into her shoulder and grunted, thrusting into her hand again.

Erica hands slow moving down against the thrusting squeezing slowly tighter towards his tail... investigating this new - familiar but new girth and length... Slowly from cloacal lips back to the more shapely head... "ssooooo beautiful" she whispers into ear hole loving his breath rushing against her shoulder skin.

[b]Fighting a laugh and not wanting to become all excited again... Mikey swam back for the surface again... Laughing once breaking through. Not sure if the laughing was from being relieved, or somewhat embarrass ed surprise catching sight of his own brother in a state of erection he might have heard their geek brother call Fanning... oh boy all sorts of awesome timing today!

Leo let out one more gasp before he cried out - half her name and then a massive roar as he came in her hands.

Erica moans softly, loving the roar lips teasing along his pule feeling it beat wildly under skin... Under her lips... Eching the twitching, throbbing... Cumming of the long shapely green length her hands pumped squeezed and tugged through his release finger tips memorizing the size and shape of him like this.

He grinned resuming otter floating waiting... might as well go back with them he supposed... Debating whether or not to admit he had seen anything or just claim surprise whenever the two surfaced. Giggling when she felt the swarm of fish grow frantic around their legs.

Leo panted and he caught her lips in another kiss as he pumped his seed over and over into the water between them. He felt the fish surround them again and he paid them no mind as he continued to kiss Erica. His heart thudded in his chest, but his breathing was gradually returning to normal.

Ooooh!! her hands moved over him working until he simply seemed to have no more... Though the agitation in the very cloudy water betwewn them certainly hinted there had been a very impressive load. Murmuring in the deepening kiss "thaaat... Was... A ... Lot ... Lover" impressed sounding even as tongues wrestled.

Leo chuckled breathlessly, slipping his arms around her. "'s because of you." He pulled away from her lips, grinning and gave her a wink. "All you."

Chuckling herself and gently nuzzling nose tip to snout a final tug over cock head and hands slid over thighs moving legs case fishes off as fingers teased and traced up sides the shoulders arms sliding slowly around them and shell "I love hearing that." another chuckle her toes tickling along the insides of his knees. "all me... Mmm mine.." soft kiss.

Leo churred again, returning her kiss. The air was getting thin inside their little bubble and after a few more moments, Leo took her hand, smiling at her. "We should probably get to the surface now. I don't think this bubble has much more air for us."

"I suppose..." she had not noted the air getting harder to draw... she nods squeezing his hands and stealing a further kiss slipping her bikini top from his arm and tying it back in place hiding mooost of each breast behind the fabric once more grinning. "ready when you are" hoping they would see more of the vessel on the way out. Breathing as evely as she could preparing for a deep breath for the swim back out to the surface... She'll be trusting to Leo to get them out and up as she finds his tphone "must get a selfie of this place" she says firmly moving so they could both make faces in the shot ... Nodding ready to go - keeping tphone to get more pictures.

Leo grinned and watched her take a few pictures. After she was finished, he gently pulled her from the air bubble, taking a deep breath and then held onto her hand as they looked around the ship a little longer.

Woooo! Erica was more than happy to be mostly pulled along eyes wide trying to catch sight of everything...a picture here of a startled octopus and its ink cloud next snapped when it realized Leo was still coming - a few of bright shrimp hiding here and there in old once red cushion seats. A eel sliding past them and the brighter blue hole in the vessels side as they made their way out - needing air now Erica was still intent on catching the moments... Of Leo leaving the sunken wreck - once out the once luxury little yacht itself trusting to Leo to get them to the surface quicker then she would.

Leo enjoyed the small exploration of the sunken vessel, but he knew Erica couldn't hold her breath much longer. Leo took her in his arms and swam for the surface as fast as he could.

Erica was loving this too much to care her lungs felt like they would burst! Just making a selfie with ship behind her and a Leo caught in the shot as he caught her and up they went! And it was a half gasp of air and shout of "wooooo!" as the surface broke and the cool surf air hit wet skin! Giggling panting to catch her breath Erica threw arms around Leos shoulders "that was awesome!"

(( back to the beach party part! : ))
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PostSubject: Re: Tidal (bb Leo&Ee)   

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Tidal (bb Leo&Ee)
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