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 Glenn Rhee [The Walking Dead]

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Glenn Rhee
The Walking Dead

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PostSubject: Glenn Rhee [The Walking Dead]   Mon Jul 25, 2016 12:54 pm

:::~Basic Info~:::

Name: Glenn Rhee
Nicknames: Gopher (Because he is usually the one sent for special supply runs) Walker Bait (A nickname given to him by Maggie after the group sent him down a well to lasso a bloated Walker that was contaminating the water supply.)
Age: 24
Height: 5′ 7"
Weight: 150 lbs
Nationality: Korean
Home world: Earth
Current world: Earth
Alliance: Good
Family: Parents: Glenn isn't sure if his family is still among the living, but assumes they are dead. He considers his group to be his family.
Relationship status:  Married to Maggie Greene

:::~Physical Appearance~:::

Standing at roughly 5'7" and weighing around 150 lbs, Glenn is on the smaller side, which makes him the perfect candidate for getting into tight places with seemingly the greatest of ease. Being scrawny gives him an edge as far as being 'as slippery as an eel'. His body is lightly muscled, just enough to be noticeable when he removes his shirt.

Glenn is of Korean origins and has almond colored eyes and jet black hair. He tries to keep his face clean shaven, but occasionally stubble can be found, most noticeably the reminisce  of a mustache that never gets a chance to fully 'bloom'.

Being the apocalypse, he cannot be picky with attire, but prefers t-shirts, jeans and snickers. Button ups are nice, too. Combat boots are practical when dealing with a horde of Walkers and he can occasionally be found wearing them, but they are not comfortable for long treks and can leave blisters if worn during excessive running.

*Riot Gear: Upon arriving at the Prison, Glenn killed a Walker that adorned the armor, taking it for himself. It proved useful after the prison was overran and he was separated from his group. He has kept it all this time and can be found wearing it when clearing off build ups of the undead that threaten to tear down their protective walls.


Glenn is bright, loyal, resourceful, and swift on his feet. Keenly aware of the extreme dangers in which he places himself for the sake of the group, his youth makes him willing to take the risk. Glenn thinks on his feet and shows great compassion and humanity. Despite all of the horrors he has experienced, he maintains a youthful enthusiasm for life and its unexpected pleasures. He is an integral part of the group, showing surprising depth and emotion when experiencing even the most devastating tragedies.

He has a very protective personality, doing whatever it takes to insure the safety of those he loves.

While on the farm, he begins a relationship with Maggie Greene. Over the course of their relationship, he has become very close and loving towards her, doing whatever is necessary to keep her safe. He is trustworthy and loyal and would die rather than put his loved ones in danger. When Glenn and Maggie are captured by the Governor, he is brutally interrogated by Merle but refuses to reveal where the rest of Rick's group have set up camp. Glenn's love for Maggie and his close bond with her father, Hershel Greene, leads Glenn to become less of the group canary in the coal mine and more of his own voice. Upon Hershel's death, Glenn pledges to take over his role as conscience and hope, which involves decisions like protecting Tara Chambler (in spite of her ties to the Governor) and encouraging his leader, Rick Grimes, to spare the residents of Terminus. However, after discovering that Eugene Porter is lying about Washington, D.C. and discovering that Maggie's sister Beth is alive, only to see her dead in the same day, Glenn becomes noticeably colder and less trusting. He says that he himself would have killed Dawn Lerner, who accidentally killed Beth, and that he would not have stopped to help the man trapped in the storage container at Terminus, whom he had convinced Rick to rescue. Despite having become rather distant, Glenn is still unable to kill another living person, as seen when he plots to kill Nicholas for Noah's death and for trying to kill him. He is unable to go through with it, demonstrating that he has not completely gone cold. <br /><br />Glenn has shown to feel really uncomfortable with killing living people, when he stabs a member of the Saviors and then starts to cry, as well as being shocked at the sight of the Saviors that him and Heath massacred in self defense. However, while he is quite uncomfortable with killing living people, he is willing to do that to protect his community, Maggie and his unborn child.



Atlanta, Georgia

Glenn originated from Michigan where he was born to Korean immigrants, alongside his sisters (their fate however remains unknown). Very little is known regarding his early childhood other than he may have been a boy scout (as indicated from a T-Shirt he wore). By his early twenties Glenn had moved to Atlanta where he found employment as a Pizza Deliver Boy. It was during this period where he gained an insightful knowledge regarding the city streets and layout.


Glenn made his worth known during the early stages of the outbreak by saving Rick Grimes when he became entrapped in an abandoned military tanker that became surrounded by Walkers after Rick's horse was ripped to pieces by the horde. He aided Rick in his escape, then later took him back to his group, who weren't too accepting of the newcomer, who seemed to lead the horde back to the mall which they were scavenging. This was Glenn's first time going out with a group, and he inwardly cursed himself for doing so, since he had always been faster and more sufficient on his own.

Back at the camp, the group are forced to tell Daryl Dixon they left his older brother handcuffed to the roof of the mall, but being enlisted by Rick to join in the rescue of Merle, Glenn reluctantly agrees, knowing the group has a better chance due to his knowledge of the city. They arrive back to the spot only to discover that Merle had cut off his own hand in order to escape the Walkers.

Glenn organizes the plan to get the guns like a skilled tactician arguing that he's agile enough to get in and out of the streets. At one point Daryl asks Glenn what his profession was before the apocalypse to which Glenn replies, "Delivered pizzas. Why?" Glenn succeeds in acquiring the weapons, but is taken hostage by a group called the Vatos who also want the guns. Rick and the group come to the Vatos hideout with a hostage called Miguel but the negotiation goes badly and both groups draw their guns on each other. The battle is interrupted by Abuela, a woman who reveals to the group that the Vatos are actually looking after an abandoned nursing home and its residents. The group decide to split the guns between themselves and the Vatos group, and return to the spot where they left the van only to find it missing. Assuming Merle to be the culprit, they immediately head back to camp and are just in time to fend off an attacking herd of walkers.

After the attack on the camp-site which left many people dead, he and the others struggled to decide what to do with Jim, who was bitten. Glenn says his goodbyes to him, as does everyone else, and leaves the man sitting by a tree. Glenn and the group arrive at the CDC only to find it seemingly abandoned, and they are about to leave until a door opens, bathing the group in light.

Following their arrival at the CDC, Glenn takes advantage of the building's luxuries (food, clean clothes, etc.), and follows around the rest of the survivors. He, along with everyone else except for Jacqui and Dr. Edwin Jenner, escape the building before it explodes, and then head to Fort Benning, a military base.

During their trip, Dale's RV breaks down and the group is forced to stop in order to repair it. Unfortunately they were attacked, and it was during this time that Sophia, the young daughter of Carol is attacked by two Walkers, and disappears into the surrounding woods. Rick goes after her, but after leaving her to lead the Walkers away, Sophia disappears, stalling the group in place.

During their search for the missing girl, Carl is shot by accident by a hunter named Otis. Fortunately the man is able to help by taking the group back to Hershel's farm, where Carl is treated by the old man, who happens to be a veterinarian.

At the farm, Glenn meets Hershel's oldest daughter, Maggie. There is an instant attraction, but it seems one-sided, until a supply outing turned into a small fling. Glenn's feelings were set in stone, but Maggie was slow to fall in love, but it was fated and the two became inseparable. He even won over Maggie's father, who gave the couple his blessing, and gifted Glenn with a pocket watch that had been handed down in the Greene family for generations.

After the farm was overrun with Walkers, the group took off with no destination in sight. They traveled for months on the brink of starvation, until they happened upon a prison. Together, the group cleared it out and made the place their home....

During an outing to find formula for baby Judith, Glenn and Maggie are taken prisoner by Merle, who takes them back to the Governor where Glenn is beaten for not giving up information as to their group's whereabouts. Hearing Glenn beaten in the other room, Maggie breaks and tells the Governor about the prison to save Glenn's life.

Glenn and Maggie are saved by Rick, Daryl and the group. During the rescue, Merle is also saved, which upsets Glenn due to the fact that Merle nearly beat him to death. It causes tension among the group, but Merle later redeems himself by saving Rick from Walkers.

Months later, the prison was attacked by the Governor, who captured Michonne and Hershel. The Governor murdered Hershel in front of the group before attacking, and the prison was completely destroyed and overran by Walkers. The group is split, and still recovering from a mystery flu, Glenn wakes up in the aftermath. He enlists the help of Tera, one of the survivors of the Governors group, and the two set out to find Maggie. During their search, they run across a small group. Abe, Rosita, and Eugene.

Eugene's claim to know of a cure prompts them to risk their lives to get him to Washington, but Glenn has a more important mission. To find Maggie. Along the way, they discover signs that point them towards a place called Terminus which claims to be a safe haven. Along the way, Maggie leaves notes written in Walker blood for Glenn to find her at this proclaimed safe haven.

Along the way, Maggie and Glenn are reunited, and together with the rest of the group, they find what they hope is their new home. Unfortunately it's ran by cannibals that intend to use them for food. With the help of Carol who attacks the place from the outside, the group manages to escape, but the world is not finished putting them through hell.......

Weeks on the road and starving pushes the group to their limits, but a savior comes forward and leads them to a place called Alexandria. There, the group slowly falls into a sense of contentment due to its security and walls, deciding they can finally make lives for themselves. Glenn and Maggie finally decide to start a family, but their dreams are shattered when Glenn is presumed dead after going missing during an attempt to lead a massive horde of Walkers away from their safe haven....

Glenn becomes trapped on top of a dumpster with Nicholas, the man that seemed to redeem himself after the tragic death of Noah. During his panic, Nicholas kills himself and his falling body took Glenn to the ground, directly into the sea of Walkers. Fortunately Nicholas' lifeless body served as a shield and Glenn managed to wedge himself beneath the dumpster. Spending hours trapped beneath the dumpster, he finally ventures out and runs into Enid, and the two make their way back to Alexandria, just in time to see the place being taken by Walkers.

The group manages to save the place, but new threats loom. The group is once again separated just as Maggie experiences complications with her pregnancy, and Rick and his gang tries to get her to Jesus' community, The Hilltop, where a doctor resides. During their attempts, they are captured by Negan and his group, who have also captured, Glenn and Daryl.......


Like a Star @ heaven Rick and the group that he now considers family
Like a Star @ heaven Maggie ~<3
Like a Star @ heaven Comics
Like a Star @ heaven Fast cars
Like a Star @ heaven Peace
Like a Star @ heaven Private time with the love of his life
Like a Star @ heaven Scouting missions
Like a Star @ heaven Helping others


Like a Star @ heaven Walkers
Like a Star @ heaven The Governor
Like a Star @ heaven People who assume that he is naive.
Like a Star @ heaven Being taken advantage of.
Like a Star @ heaven Being called 'Walker Bait'
Like a Star @ heaven The feeling of hopelessness.
Like a Star @ heaven Negan and his group

:::~Sample Post~:::

Waiting was the hardest part. The unknowing, that was killing him. Even as he awaited his fate, gagged and bound in the back of the van, his thoughts never left Maggie. Was she okay? Did she make it? He prayed to whatever God allowed this to happen that she was okay. That she had survived this new hell that had befallen them. This demon that presented in man form.....

...this... Negan....

He had tried to warn Daryl to stay away, but now, it seemed they would suffer the same fate. Daryl had obviously been injured, but there would be no treatment for him, and Glenn's attempts to communicate and move close during their time in the back of the van was prohibited. His friend was doomed, that much was certain. This whole situation was too much. Had they not suffered enough?! Had a decaying world not been enough? Obviously not. There was still people.. still demons  determined to make sure that no one came out of this alive. One thing Glenn had discovered during his time in this hell.....the living could be worse than the dead.....

A blinding light emitted through the small crack as  the back of the van was finally opened. He remembered being roughly dragged out, then shoved onto his knees. The headlights of the surrounding vehicles made it impossible to see, but then his eyes slowly focused through the cruelty. It didn't take him long to spot the love of his life....


His attempts to reach her, and out burst when Negan threatened her were countered with a threat that the next outburst would result in immediate death before the sick game began....

....and then it started. Glenn could feel his heart hammering against his chest as Negan began shoving the barb wired bat into each of their faces as he hummed "Eeny... meeny.... miny.... moe.." With each word, the bat was shoved in the next potential victim's face. And the taunting continued....

"And you are ...IT..."

The world then fell into complete darkness.....

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PostSubject: Re: Glenn Rhee [The Walking Dead]   Mon Oct 17, 2016 9:36 am

O.O this was better then any wiki page! Not only do I know all about Glenn but I'm all caught up in the series! ^_^

I give this an A+

Glenn you may go on to find more hardships. And Maggie will be waiting for you soooooooon.


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Glenn Rhee [The Walking Dead]
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