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loventrice Dixon
Original Character
loventrice Dixon

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Mortal Name
Loventrice Zay Dixon

True Name

Mortal age
25(True age is unknown, immortal)

cheshire cat (appearance)/An African voodoo loa(demon)


Love is a 5'3 blacked stripped purple demon that has chosen to take the form of a cat goddess, rather then a human.

FACE: Slanted glowing green eyes. An unnatural sharp toothy grin. often blood stained. A white skull 'mask' covers her face. Though the so called mask is a large fur marking. Her nose is pierced. as is the bridge of her nose with three studs.She has three long wiskers on both sides of her face and her tongue is pierced twice. Her ears have random piercings on them, she changes them as she grows bored with them. She has a short muzzle with a black nose. and other then her skull her fur is deep purple.

BODY: She has large perky breast, her nipples are hidden under her fur. Her fur is a deep purple with thick black tiger like stripes. There is nothing really special about her body other then the black stripes. She does have spike implants in her chest, three of them. But they are often hidden by her fur. the stripes also go down her arms, legs and tail.

HANDS AND FEET: Her hands look like human hands, other then the fact that they are black and furry. She has long claws in place of finger nails that are also black. Her feet are large cat paws all purple. Her paw pads are black and she also has claws on her toes.

HAIR: Her hair is made up of heavy thick dreadlocks. Purple and black. In her hair she has dozens of glowing green beads.

TAIL: Her tail is as long as she is in height. 5 foot. it's purple with the black tiger stripes. But the tip of the tail is black.

When she chooses to wear cloths. She wears tattered scraps of fabric. a piece covers her chest and another piece covers her bottom. The clothing is usually tan in color. She also wears a belt which holds her flask and pouches of herbs and other magical items. She has a spike collar. sometimes it's red sometimes back and it has a large hoop in the center of it. She sometimes wears small bells on her ankles when she is preforming rituals. She carries around a walking stick decorated with the skull of a human infant and feathers.


Once upon a time. There was a wealthy woman by the name os anabelle. She lived in a large plantation in south Louisiana. She lived there by herself as her parents had passed away, the only ones to keep her company were the servants who cleaned and cooked for her. There was one servant that she had grown quiet close to, and that was the garden boy, Samuel Dixon.

Samuel didn't come from a rich family, but was never worried about such things. As long as he had his health and his family and friends. Now Samuel had a girlfriend back home. Miss Disha. Disha was a dark skinned woman with a fierce temper. and, knew a thing or two about the dark workings of voodoo magic.

Anabelle and Samuel grew closer together, then one day, he left Disha. Disha, feeling heart broken and betrayed put a curse on Anabelle. That her first child would be ripped from her and she would instead birth a demon. A killer of babies and children.

And so it was. Anabelle was soon with child. Everything was going so well, until the twisted curse took affect. Anabelle was in the hospital for weeks, in pain and bleeding. Doctors couldn't figure out what was wrong, but ultrasounds showed something was wrong with the baby, they tried to get Anabelle to abort but she refused. It wouldn't have mattered anyway, the demon would come into the world on way or another.

The months were horrible for Anabelle. But even so, she decided to have a home birth. No one was prepared for what was to come. The cat like creature was born on a freezing December night. 3 AM, the devil's hour. No one knew what to do with the baby, Anabelle refused to even hold the infant. Samuel was the one to name the child and care for it. No matter what his baby looked like she was still his daughter. Plus he suspected Disha had something to do with this.

Loventrice grew like any normal child, other then her constant talking to herself and chanting in the middle of the night. She started hunting at a young age and for the most part took care of herself. But word got out of the demon child and people came to see her dead. With her fathers blessings and at the age of 14 she fled her home and into the dark swamps.


Moving on
Love lived for years in the swamps of Louisiana. As she grew she she would be visited by creatures at night. Both in her waking hours and in her dreams. over time her true nature and memories of who and what she was came back to her. Why look like she did made sense everything made sense. It was truly a weight lifted from her shoulders. Her name was,Sheebal. She came into the world through a curse and because of her natural hatred for humans she chose to present herself in the form of something more divine.

Love is a Lamia. Or a child eating demon. Newborns were the best. Of course, She lived in such a small town, she had to move a lot to get her fix. At the age of 23 she found herself in New York. It was a pretty cool place. Lots of people. Lots of places to hide out in. No more swamp, Plenty of food. It was great! And the people were great! Everyone wanted to kill everyone! She would spend full nights just watching gang members gun each other down. It was all amusing.

Then she noticed that some turtles started to come to people's rescue. That was annoying. But people were still getting their ass kicked. She never bothered to introduce herself to these creatures. In fact she made it a point to avoid everyone in the city. Not so much as accidently bumping into someone. But, that wasn't all true. She did introduce herself to the older childern she stalked. But, they wouldn't be able to tell anyone about her so they didn't count.


Love isn't all that powerful really. As far as magic goes. She is immortal. She can be killed, everything has it's weaknesses and demons are no exception. But finding a holy blade of an angel isn't the easiest thing to get. She is a hell of a fighter and has a taste for blood. Love can also drain one their life force.

She has a great sense of smell and great hearing. She can see perfectly in the dark as well in light. She's a fast runner and can climb most anything and even prefers to be in high places.


Love is pretty laid back. She rather be laying around in a tree on a breezy summer day, then bothering with anything at all. She doesn't deal with people. Even with the children she seeks out, it's quick and to the point. If she did have any friends, or bothered to talk to anyone. People would find that she's quite flirty, and playful though she has zero interest in mating with anyone in this dimension. (Unless she ran into someone from her own world)

She gets annoyed easily, but is pretty slow to anger. She'll walk away from a situation before fighting. So far Love has never been close to anyone in this world to say how she would react to protect a friend or loved one. Even in her own world her kind fended for themselves. You worked together only if you personally had something to gain from it. Love has never allowed herself to get close to anyone to change that mine set.

Even though she can when ever she wants, Love has only drained one man of his life since being brought into this world. That was when she was young and still confused as to who and what she was.


Like a Star @ heaven reading
Like a Star @ heaven small kids
Like a Star @ heaven dark, quiet rooms
Like a Star @ heaven cats and kittens!
Like a Star @ heaven weed
Like a Star @ heaven Piercings
Like a Star @ heaven violence
Like a Star @ heaven horror movies (zombies are her fav!)

Like a Star @ heaven people
Like a Star @ heaven When comic books don't come out fast enough!
Like a Star @ heaven barking dogs
Like a Star @ heaven knots in her fur
Like a Star @ heaven being touched
Like a Star @ heaven out of the box collectibles


Sample Post
This was the most fun Love had had in her 25 years on this horrible earth! It seemed the biblical writings where true all along! Hell was full and the dead now walked the earth! Oh it was like being home again. Except these things wanted a bite out of her as well. And while she was pretty sure she couldn't turn, she wasn't 100 percent on that. She didn't really know how that all worked out. She couldn't die. And for the life of her she could not figure out how to get back home! So, what would happen if she got bit? Well she didn't want to find out. And then she hears that humans were hunting down mutants and powerful humans, aliens, she figured her ass would be on that list too. So yay more to worry about there. She really thought the apocalypse was going to be more enjoyable then this.

So like everyone else, she did what she had to to stay afloat. unlike others, she wasn't against eating the living. So she had that going for her. Also she could see well in the dark, so that was nice too.

She didn't stay in the city though. She left pretty soon after she realized that Zombies where not as cool as they were in the movies. Thankfully she had ran into a large Shelter being run by a Bruce Wayne. It was quit the process getting in the place! After a thousand questions on who she was, what she was, how she could help, all that nonsense, he let her in. There were other people there already, humans. Of course some didn't want her there, some wanted to turn her in to the CDC. Leader Bruce he settled things down, but after that, Love kept to herself. She only helped when asked to.

There was two kids there. Twin girls, two years old. Love was biding her time with them. Hell. She could take em all out. As far as they knew, she was just some mutant.

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Interesting read! Smile

Approved! Just.... stay away from Judith and the kiddies! O.O

Loventrice Glenn-lives
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loventrice Dixon
Original Character
loventrice Dixon

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