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 Negan's profile

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PostSubject: Negan's profile   Sat Jul 23, 2016 1:25 am


mid 40's

Used Car SalesmanSchool Teacher/Coach/Saviors Leader

Significant other(s)
Several unnamed wives

A man of average height and build. Negan has short black hair. Brown eyes, and stubble beard. He wears blue jeans, short sleeve shirts and a black leather jacket over it. Black boots and is never without his barbed wire bat, Lucille.  A fairly attractive man, but not anyone you would want to bring home to mama.

Negan is a casual, jolly, savage man who adores violence and mayhem. He is very intelligent and logical, possessing a knack for controlling and manipulating others. He has a strong affinity for profane language and offensive comments and a morbid, perverse sense of humor, seeming to enjoy the shock value. His charismatic persona and domineering presence allows him to easily intimidate friends and foes alike.

Perhaps stemming from his years as a school coach, he has a pedantic nature to him, reveling in helping others explore their thoughts, feelings, and ideas. He displays profound moments of wisdom when counseling people, keenly perceptive of abstractions that others may have missed.

In spite of his violent and savage nature, Negan can be very reasonable for the sake of practicality, like when he spared Carl's life to keep relations steady with Rick, even though Carl slaughtered many of the Saviors.

Negan does possess a sense of sympathy underneath his cold exterior, and even a sense of honor that leads him to be repulsed by certain acts against the weak, such as rape. He believes that his horrific methods of keeping his people in line, which involve burning the faces of rule breakers and using fear to keep people subjected, are to justify a greater good, and he does stick by his own code of ethics.

He adamantly believes in a philosophy that the strong are to protect the defenseless. For instance, he murders a Savior after he tries to rape Holly, claiming that if his men are to commit rape, then their goal of rebuilding civilization can never be achieved.

He also yells at Dwight for daring to beat a "defenseless child" and is even seen losing his temper at another leader who allows rape to ensue within their ranks, declaring them less than human. Despite his odd sense of sympathy, he admits he has trouble feeling emotions properly due to losing someone close to him in the past.

Very little is known regarding Negan's early life other than he presumably grew up as a sports enthusiast, where academically he later became a High School Gym coach where he practiced a range of sports including billiards and ping-pong. Additionally he also worked as a used-car salesman presumably as a part time occupation.

At some point, Negan was married to an unnamed wife where they presumably lived together as a average married couple. Negan constantly strived to gain the admiration of his fellow peers where he occasionally invited several of his fellow students to play ping-pong against him inside his own personal garage, however he frequently belittled and humiliated his pupils through the use of his expressive and aggressive language which resulted in him receiving several complaints from the students parents.

Before the outbreak, Negan is playing Ping-Pong in his garage with some of the neighborhood boys who attend the school where he works. The boys refer to him as "Coach Negan". After defeating and belittling one of the boys, they run off and he instantly expresses regret about his behavior. His wife comes out to yell at him and Negan expresses his desire for the students to respect him by being the "cool teacher" outside of school. His wife then suddenly collapses. It was all down hill from there.

At some point after the outbreak, Negan established The Saviors and fiercely ruled over his group. Negan, along with his team (which includes at least 50 or more other men), had made a deal with the Hilltop Colony: the Saviors would use the weaponry the other group was lacking to kill all zombies wandering near The Hilltop's premises, and in return, the Saviors would obtain half of Hilltop's supplies, such as livestock and crops. To get his point across, if a potential problem would arise, Negan and his men would resort to cruel and manic measures. For example, if they sensed they were being tracked, or if they believed they weren't getting sufficient supplies, the Saviors beat or kill people from Hilltop. The Saviors also sent "messages" to the Hilltop community, which were usually very deadly.

After Rick Grimes and his fellow survivors agree to start a trading network with the Hilltop Colony, they are ambushed by the Saviors and are forced to obey Negan’s rules and orders to give half of their supplies away like the other communities. Initially obedient, Rick and the others secretly gather up for war against the Saviors with the other communities in the DC area. Negan resides in an abandoned factory, being labelled ‘Sanctuary’, where most of the women act as his wives.

Carl stows away in one of The Saviors’ trucks with an M16A1 Assault Rifle. He then proceeds to ambush them and kills six Saviors. Negan is about to kill the character, but then takes a liking to Carl because he sees how fearless he is. Negan then proceeds to give him the tour of his own community. Where Negan shows Carl that he irons the faces of the men who cross him.

Later, Negan, along with 50 other Saviors, snuck up on Rick's group and subdued Rick by surprise. They lined up all of the survivors from the van, telling them that Negan wanted revenge for the Saviors who were killed. Without Rick's consent, Negan imposed a binding deal: everything that belonged to the Alexandria Safe-Zone now belonged to the Saviors.  He introduced his weapon of choice: Lucille, a baseball bat covered in barbed wire.

After a long talk about the new world order and whom he should beat to death using Lucille. He finally chose his victim at random...Negan told the group that the Saviors would be back in one week to collect half of everything they have, or there would be more killings...

Later when finding out that Rick's group had fled, Negan took a group of his own to look for them, thinking that they couldn't have gone too far. It's been a few months now. and though Negan has no reason to continue to hunt to the small group of survivors down. It's become his obsession of sorts. Even some of his men have started to fear that their leader has finally lost his mind. Some stay with him out of fear, others loyalty...

Likes and Dislikes
Like a Star @ heaven Lucille
Like a Star @ heaven women
Like a Star @ heaven Making the best out of a bad situation
Like a Star @ heaven good leadership
Like a Star @ heaven bad language
Like a Star @ heaven a little violence
Like a Star @ heaven dark humor

Like a Star @ heaven Weakness
Like a Star @ heaven Rape
Like a Star @ heaven child abuse
Like a Star @ heaven Disloyalty
Like a Star @ heaven cheaters
Like a Star @ heaven Walkers

Sample Post

One of them mother fucking ball suckers were close by, he could taste it. It had been months sense Rick and his group ran off on him. Negan supposed it was to be expected. It was fine though. This little game of chase they had been playing was fun. Though his buddies where starting to complain a bit. Fuck, if they didn't want to be here, he didn't need them! But they knew damn well what would happen if they turned their back on him. Everyone had a choice in life. Every choice had a consequence.

But now food was running low. Weather was getting colder. But he couldn't stop now. He was close to one of them. If not all of them. Of course Negan couldn't have known that the group he was looking for had gotten separated.

Mmmmm, boys, I feel like a song!

Total Slaughter,
Total Slaughter.
I won't leave a single man alive.

La de da de die,
La de da de dud,
An ocean of blood.

Let's begin the killing time.
He ended with a cackle a swing from his bat, taking out one of his men that he had over heard earlier talking about leaving.

I swear you all are about as useful as tits on a nun. Anyone else want to leave? No? Great!

He pushed the dead man off of the truck with his foot and continued to sing as they road on.
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PostSubject: Re: Negan's profile   Sat Jul 23, 2016 9:42 pm

Ooooh, someone did a lot of homework for this. Wink Beautifully done! The sample post seriously made me smile. You already have a good handle on the character!


....Just stay away from my 'Pookie' Razz

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PostSubject: Re: Negan's profile   Fri Dec 09, 2016 9:14 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Negan's profile   Mon Jan 30, 2017 8:46 pm

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Negan's profile
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