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 Melissa Andreas TWD

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Melissa Andreas
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Melissa Andreas

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PostSubject: Melissa Andreas TWD   Melissa Andreas TWD EmptyTue May 17, 2016 10:38 pm

Full Name: Melissa Andreas

Nickname: Mel

Age: 14

Species: Human

Gender: Female

Eye color: Dark brown

Hair color: Black

Height: 4’10”

Weight: 75 pounds

Appearance: Mel is a small thin teenager that has short black hair and pale skin. She can normally be seen wearing old ripped jeans, a t-shirt, hoodie, and old sneakers. Mel usually carries a lock pick, a knife and a handgun concealed in her clothing. She carries a backpack with her holding food and supplies.

Occupation: Survivor

Affiliations: No one

Personality: Melissa is a survivor first and foremost knowing when to be tough in order to survive in a world full of crazies and walkers. She shows no fear when facing walkers having gotten used to seeing them and not seeing them a huge threat unless in a large group. Humans on the other hand are the bigger threat to her being that they have minds of their own and the most dangerous and ruthless tended to survive. Mel knows there’s good people out there but follows a code regardless people that turn their back on each other unless there is a damn good reason she keeps at a huge distance. While people that help others she’s more willing to trust.

Despite that she is still a young girl that’s growing up in a world that had changed beyond what she had been used too. She deals with frequent nightmares even though she won’t admit it nor will she show it. Mel constantly feels like she has to watch her own back and can be tempermental from general teen hormonal stuff and stress in general. Nor does she like that she had to grow up so fast so she indulges in harmless things to keep some ties to childhood like going for sweets instead of healthy foods and sleeping with a stuffed animal. She does those things to keep her sanity intact whether it works or not isn’t known.

Unique Traits/Skills: She has a knife and handgun that she uses for self defense. Mel knows how to be sneaky and pick locks. Plus she knows how to street fight and is a survivor.

Strengths: Surviving what life throws at her, she can be really sneaky, she's also really quick and uses her small size against other larger fighters.

Weaknesses: She isn't that strong so she can be taken down by anyone that can catch her.

History: Mel was born on September 9th in 2004 to James and Lisa Andreas along with her older sister Heather Andreas. For twelve years she lived a normal life until the world basically ended when people started to die only for them to come back as the undead hungry for live flesh. Her family immediately joined a group that was outside the city to avoid death. For a while things were going smoothly for the most part with her mother being a former cop Mel learned how to fire a gun pretty quickly and how to properly care for it. Her father taught her how to fight hand to hand as a last resort and how to use her size as advantage. Sadly a year after the walkers started to show up a group of marauders attacked the camp leaving few survivors.

This attack devastated the young thirteen year old with her parents and sister being among the dead with her only comfort that they died protecting the camp. Remaining with what remained of her group she travelled with them never staying in one place for long. This worked out for another year until she got separated from them when they came across a hostile group that wanted the women and children for their own insane means. Melissa escaped the men chasing her but lost track of her original group in the process leaving her alone for a few months now having to really survive on her own. Still that doesn’t stop her from trying to find other people humans or mutants knowing there’s safety in numbers more so than being alone.

Sample Post: A young teen girl spotted a rabbit near a small stream stomach growling she slowly approached the rabbit with her knife out needing its meat. As soon as she was close enough she grabbed it by the scruff and slit the animal's throat giving it a quick death. Then she skinned the rabbit after starting a small fire then tied it to a spit to roast it over the open flame as she cleaned the knife. The rabbit had been small but it was enough at least to give her one meal and it was better than chipmunks.

" Hopefully I will find another group soon I can't keep this up forever." She sighed as she cleaned her gun making sure it was perfect condition otherwise it could very well lead her to death if it wasn't. She had a full clip and another half clip she needed to find more ammo soon. Looking at the cooking rabbit she was happy to see it was done as she took if off the spit and tore into it hungerly. It didn't take long for her to demolish her meal with how hungry she was.

Mel then cleaned up after her meal and put out the fire she had to keep moving. She only stopped when she felt to tired to keep going anymore and when she had a safe place to sleep like in a tree.
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Melissa Andreas TWD
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