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 The Mikkos

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Mikko McKinnon
Original Character
Mikko McKinnon

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Name:Mikko McKinnon
Weapon:Cain Sword
The Mikkos 209030_detail

Talents and skills

Like a Star @ heaven competitive parkour (yes it's a thing!)
Like a Star @ heaven High school track star
Like a Star @ heaven Basically she's really good at fleeing

Skills she thinks she has

Like a Star @ heaven Has put in 1500 hours in Left For dead
Like a Star @ heaven Made a survival plan in middle school
Like a Star @ heaven Has seen every Resident evil movie

Things she is not good at

Like a Star @ heaven Most basic survival skills
Like a Star @ heaven Avoiding trouble

Looks and personality

Like a Star @ heaven Looks:Mikko stands at a very impressive 5'2. Pale skin shows off her many black and gray tattoos, most dedicated to her favorite horror movie villains. She keeps her hair long and before the world went to hell, it was dyed either green or purple, or both. Now a days, however, it's grown back to his dull blonde color. Not being great at gathering food, she has become nothing but skin stretched over bones that are too defined. Her gray eyes have turned dull, and seem sunken in, Collar bone, hip, ribs and spine, all stand out on her thin frame. Her clothing consist of jeans that have been duct taped at the ankles and knees to keep them tight on her legs while running or climbing. A rope is used as a makeshift belt tied tightly. A tank top covers her top, black with a white picture of a sugar skull. her sneakers have been worn down, but still do the job. She carries a weapon which she found in an weapon replica store. A cane that becomes a sword, and a syth with a push of a button. For a game replica it has done wonders of saving her life! Other then that, she carries a jug tied to her hip for water.

Like a Star @ heaven Personality:Mikko is pretty hard headed With some anger issues. she makes snap decisions without much thought before hand. This often leads her in dangerous situations. She's also pretty trusting especially with others who she finds odd, different, an outcast or freak. She feels a kindred spirit in a way with these types of people. Of course this also leads to dangerous situations. When she does find someone who is willing to hang out with her, she becomes very clingy to that person, and depending on the person, she also has a tendency to get overly friendly, flirty to the point of being creepy. Since the out break of the "walkers" she has become more desperate for other living people. If only for the safety in numbers. And some lovings is always nice too.

A bit of history

Like a Star @ heaven Before the Walkers:Before the world ended. Mikko was a champion Parkour runner. Or, free runner. She had always been a runner, climber, jumper, If she needed to get away from something it was no problem. Also helped when she had to run from cops or angry gas station shops. When she was running around the city and leaping over people's cars, she was at home with her family, shoved up in her messy room, playing video games, or reading horror comics. One the weekends though, she was out with friends. getting laid and high. Life was pretty good for Mikko. And she was an awesome influence on her little brother! least she thought so. But then things went to shit...
The Mikkos 7e48cf2869515ffd338f01fcf50c746a
Like a Star @ heaven After the infection:The first day she heard about the infection was on the news at home. It was a weekend, so she laughed it off and left the house though her parents protested. She was a grown ass woman, she could leave if she wanted to, and she wanted to. she would regret that later. Everything seemed pretty normal for awhile. Her friends and her even joked and made 'plans' of what they would do if the zombies took over. She got high and hooked up with a girl for the night, nothing happen with the girl, the gang pretty much hung out at the house of one of the foot ninja. She wasn't in any gang or the foot, but was friends with them.

It was amazing how fast things went down hill. First they were laughing about zombies and talking about how insane Bebop and Rockstead would be as zombies. and then they were watching a live news feed of people going insane!. One guy blew it off as bath salts. But the whole city? Did someone poison the water with bath salts? Thank the gods they were drinking vodka and not water!

As the night went on, the news got worse. Whatever this was was spreading. Mikko left the house and ran back home....

Like a Star @ heaven Death:Her home's front door was open. walking in she first spotted her mother, dead, then her father. She ran through the house calling her brothers name....


Both parents where on the floor, torn and bleeding. There was no doubt they were dead. Panicking now, she ran through the one story house looking for her brother, Scott. She headed straight to his room and found his door locked. She banged on his door.

"Scott! Open the door! It's me! Let me in now!"

She waited, her heart beating fast, any high she had been feeling was gone, she was stone cold sober now. Finally the door opened and her 15 year old brother peeked out. Mikko pushed her way through and closed the door behind her. Scott was freaking out. he was mummbling something, she made out that he had witnessed their parents death. She couldn't worry about that now. They had to get back to the friend's house. He was foot, he could get them in the tower. the tower would be safe. Yeah. That's...there was a scaratching on the bedroom door.Scott jumped up to open it but Mikko pulled him back from the door.

"it might be mom!" He hissed with tears in his eyes.

"And if it's not?"

"And if it is!?"

Mikko grabbed Scott's base call bat and walked close to the door. "Ok." She whispered. "A peek. that's it. Don't open the door all the way."

with a nod. Scott cracked the door open. But even with the small crack, the knocker, who was in fact their mother, pushed her way through and attacked Scott. He screamed, Mikko screamed, then she hit the woman over the head with the bat, over and over. Even after she had stopped moving. She didn't stop until her brother stopped her. Then another moan. Their father was coming through the door. "get out the window!" Mikko barked orders as she swung the bat at her father's head getting a good hit in with a sicking crack.

She hurried to the window and opened it. The front door would have been better, she could have grabbed the car keys from the kitchen, but she could hear shuffling in the front of the house. With the window open they both climbed out of the house. Nothing. Things were quite. They took the chance to catch their breath. Scott was breaking down. Mikko would have too, but between the adrenaline and drugs and booze coursing though her body, she was able to hold herself together.

"Ok. We're going to go to my friend's house. It's not that far. ok?"

Scott nodded as he tried to steady a coughing fit. there was no way he could keep up with Mikko if she ran, he was more the computer nerd type, not someone who ran around outside for fun! How was running fun!? Before he could even answer that question his sister was off, and he jogged after her.

They were both silent as they headed to her friend's house. Every now and then they heard a scream, a distant moan, angry dogs. But nothing that was near them. They made it to the home. but couldn't get close, the street wasn't safe, there were these, things! Everywhere. But they didn't seem to notice the siblings. Mikko tried calling everyone, no one was answering. Not a good sign.

Moans and shuffling grew closer. the night was cloudy, the street had no lights, no moon, no stars, even the lights in houses were off, the electricity must have went out. Mikko pulled Scott over to a shed and helped him climb it. She then jumped up and the two stood on the roof. it was the owners pit bull that started to bark at them that caught the attention of the those things. A swarm started to form, a small swarm, maybe 12, 16 of them. All she had was a wooden bat. it didn't look like they could climb, but that poor dog didn't have a chance.

"we stay up here. wait for rescue." Mikko said.

Funny how you always have plans for the end of the world. You play video games and think how awesome it would be to run around killing the undead with fancy weapons. Day dream how you would be the hero and gather a group of survivors. Instead. her and her little brother were stuck on the roof of a shed hoping that help came.

"think we'll get to see pyramid head before the night is over?" Mikko joked.

scott wasn't amused. He stood quiet. Hours went by, Mikko's phone died, so they didn't know the time, or what was going on, how far this spread, what was happening out there! Scott was starting to get pins and needles in his legs and he stood up from his sitting position to get feeling back. Mikko was laying down on her back staring up at the black sky, wondering where all those heroes were, those turtles that her friend always talked about. Maybe the Foot just drugged their ninjas and they thought they seen giant turtles. Still, it would be cool. Mikko closed her eyes and tried to imagine what those turtles looked like. Then she heard the scream.

Mikko sat straight up and her eyes widen as she watched Scott fall off the roof and to the ground, in the middle of the horde. Her heart stopped and she crawled to the edge of the roof to see her brother vanish under the bloody bodies. there was nothing she could do. The next scream that broke out into the night was hers.

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Awesome profile! Loved the sample post.. poor girl.

Anyway, approved! ^^

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