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 Ye'Tanji (WoW OC)

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Name: Ye'Tanji
Race: Troll
Sex: Female
Age: 32
Occupation: Hunter


Standing at 6'7, Ye'tanji towers over most. Her pale blue skin is kept covered by light layers of animal skin loin cloths. traditional black tribal poke and stick tattoos cover her body, each one given to her as she passed milestones in her life. Like all of her kind, she has no use for foot wear as it proves to be uncomfortable on her two toed feet. Also like others of her kind two prominent tusks protrude from her full lips. Unlike other troll females, her tusks are larger then most. The females usually having very small to barely noticeable tusks. Her hair is thick and long it's usually kept up in braids. Ye'tanji likes to use dyes to change the color but her natural hair color is red. Her golden eyes matches the jewelry she wears in her long, pointed ears. She always travels with her bow, small med kit, coin purse and pouch of rations for both her and her hunting boar.

Ye'Tanji (WoW OC) Kostya-p-ngwin-chernianu-diresnout-felbore-kostya-che-hearthstone
Thrall. Ye'Tanji's hunting boar.
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Ye'Tanji (WoW OC)
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