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 Dwight (The Walking Dead)

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The Walking Dead

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PostSubject: Dwight (The Walking Dead)    Mon Dec 04, 2017 9:44 pm

:::~Basic Info~:::

Name: Dwight (Last name unknown)
Nicknames: Dwighty-boy
Age: 36
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 170 lbs
Nationality: Caucasian
Home world: Earth
Current world: Earth
Alliance: TBD
Family: None living. His only family is his wife, Sherry.
Relationship status:  Married.

:::~Physical Appearance~:::

Dwight is tall and lanky. He stands at almost 6' tall and is what most would consider 'skinny'. Thin, almost shoulder link dirty blond hair that is usually a mess, and hazel colored eyes that often look sad.  The man is not concerned with his personal appearance, and his self esteem dropped to non existent after receiving the disfiguring scars to the entire left side of his face.

He's usually dressed in flannel shirts, a vest and holey jeans and boots. His overall appearance is usually dirty. Baths,even when available, are few and far between.


Dwight's personality is usually a reflection of his environment. Strong and determined, he was once a leader in his community, but that all changed when Negan came along. Under Negan's rule, he became cruel and heartless, doing whatever it took to insure Sherry's survival. He is extremely loyal to Sherry and would do anything to protect her.

When not under Negan's rule, Dwight is usually quiet and reclusive. Even before the apocalypse, he did not make friends easy.  Often withdrawn, Dwight is, and always will be a wild card.





:::~Sample Post~:::
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Dwight (The Walking Dead)
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