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 Evelyn Porter

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Evelyn Porter

Evelyn Porter

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PostSubject: Evelyn Porter   Evelyn Porter EmptySat Nov 04, 2017 2:39 am

Name: Evelyn Porter

Parents: Mikko McKinnon and Eugene Porter

Siblings: Anton Wilson

Sex: Female

Age: 14

Race: Human

Abilities: medium/clairvoyant/empathetic. Can see fragmented glimpses into the future. Feel or sense the presence of others, living or not. Quickly pick up on and take on others emotions onto herself. Communicate with the dead through a home made device she created.

weaknesses: suffers from chronic fatigue, depression, and suicidal thoughts. Easy to upset. open spaces. She would rather be somewhere closed in. Evelyn is most well when with other people that she can trust.

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Evelyn Porter
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