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 Growing Pains

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PostSubject: Growing Pains    Fri Oct 27, 2017 7:59 am

((This game takes place a few years into HH's Future. The babies are now teens causing a new set of challenges for not only their parents, but all the residents of the mall.)

Abby was had grown into into quiet the lovely lady over the years. But due to her traumatic past, she never truly out grew her morbid habits, she only learned to hid them better. She learned to have better impulse control around other. Not that she was around other people often. If she wasn't in her apartment, she was hiding out in her play house. She didn't care what the others said, she would never be too old for her play house. She didn't call it a play house anymore, now she would say she was going to her hideaway. And my the gods help anyone she caught who dared to go inside her hideaway without her permission. The 17 year old wouldn't hesitate to cause harm to anyone.

Anyone that is, except for her father, Daryl, Maybe Michonne who, after the years she was still on the fence about, and Kai.

Speaking of Kai she had grown found of the boy. though he was much younger then her that didn't bother her.

It was early in the afternoon. Abby was roaming the mall looking for Kai. It was the middle the summer, perfect weather for her black knitted crop top with white anarchy symbol and short jean shorts. clothing that Michonne did not approve of, but Abby never approved of Michonne, so she figured they where even. she was bare footed so as she ran from here to there you could here the pat pat pat pf her feet against the marble floor.

Kaaaaaaaaai Where are yooooou? I'm gonna fiiiiiiind yoooooooou....

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Evelyn Porter


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PostSubject: Re: Growing Pains    Mon Nov 06, 2017 3:20 am

Evelyn stood outside Glenn and Maggie's apartment door. She reached out and knocked on the door with her free hand. Her other held a thick sketch pad and a pouch filled with pencils and erasers among other artist tools. She also had n old timey metal lunch box with a picture of Harley Quinn on the front. Sure she was a bad guy, but she also kicked so much butt!

Inside the lunchbox was varies junk food snacks for her and Noah to share while they hung out.

After giving her signature knock on the door (Let me in in Morse code) She waited patently for an answer.
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Zoey Parker


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PostSubject: Re: Growing Pains    Thu Nov 09, 2017 3:59 am

Peter and Gwen's little one was all grown up now, or so she liked to think. At the ripe old are of 13 Zoey Parker thought she could rule the world. She had inherited her father's spider like mutation which was a surprise to her parents. A surprise but relief, it was better then her having cancer, or some radioactive illness.

She also Gained her parent's smarts which had gotten her in trouble more then her super strength, or wall climbing. She made herself at home in Bruce's lab, taking over the place for her own projects and experiments. Let's just say her parents where thankful she also healed quickly.

Zoey wasn't in the lab today. It was a sunny day out. warm, and some of the other mall residents had set up a pool outside.

She changed into a one piece swimsuit and grabbed a towel.

I'm going out back to the pool! To called out to her parents before running out of the apartment. As she headed down to the lobby she called out for Jon to join her in the pool. She might have had a little crush on superboy, but she wasn't going to admit that. Not out loud at least.

Jon!!!!!? Let's go swimming!
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Anton Wilson


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PostSubject: Re: Growing Pains    Tue Nov 14, 2017 8:45 am

Anton never really made friends with the other kids though he considered them something along the lines as friends. Least they weren't a food source. It had taken a few years to teach teach him that people in the mall were not to be attacked. He still pounced on a few choice people, Like Abby, Wade, Evelyn and Sometimes Glenn. And he still couldn't help himself to chase after others if he seen them take off in a run.

There was many other bumps in the road that he had to get over as well.

He would have been lying if he said he didn't blame his father for most of his issues. Bringing him back from the dead would have been a cool story to tell. But no. He would live forever stuck in a child's body, with a constant internal struggle over his walker half and human half. Sometimes, when things were bad, he would take it out on his parents. Telling them how cruel and selfish it was to bring something like him into the world. His anger was true, and he's never apologized for the hurtful things he's told his parents.

Anton wasn't in the mall today. He was out in the woods, he hadn't told anyone that he was leaving the building or where he would be. They didn't need to know.

He ran through the trees enjoying the summer breeze. With any luck, he wouldn't run into Daryl like the last time he was out.
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PostSubject: Re: Growing Pains    

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Growing Pains
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