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 The Joker Profile

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The Joker


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PostSubject: The Joker Profile   Sun Apr 30, 2017 2:45 pm

Name: Unknown

Alias: The Joker/The Clown Prince of Crime

Age: Mid or early 30s

species: Human

Sex: Male

Family/friends: Harley Quinn (begrudgingly)


No True history is known. Though Joker has been known to give many tales of his past. Such as being in an unkempt home with an abusive father, and a mother who worked the streets. In other stories it was the mother who was abusive, sometimes sexually. His history would change depending on who he was talking to at the time and what story would get the most rise out of the person. Father brought him to the circus to see the clowns. It was the first time he seen his father laugh. Or the carnival it was the first time he and his father shared a laughed. But all these stories were never true.

There was never a way to find out who Joker was either. The man had no finger prints, burned them off long ago with an acid. No one knew his name, when asked he always gave a different answer. No ID. No Social. And no family had ever come to clam him.

Style and look

Bleached pale skin making his many tattoos pop! from his body. A light build, Toned. He has no use for brute strength as he has many body guards and guns at his disposal. His brown hair has been died a bright shade of green and purple contacts cover his gray eyes.

Joker wears black, pressed pants with a white or sometimes purple button down shirt. Over that he his signature purple leather gator scale trench coat. Gold chains hang from his neck showing off just some of his wealth. His teeth filled with silver due to them being knocked out during a fight with Batman.


The first tattoo one would notice on Joker is the word 'Damage' across his forehead. The tattoo was put there as a sign that he had been damaged after Batman took his smile away by knocking his teeth out, causing him to have to get them replace with the silver.

The J on his right cheek  (obvious his initial)

His right hand sports a large smile, he often brings this up to his own mouth to use in replace of the smile he use to have.

right upper arm a robin with an arrow through it's heart. represents his killing of Robin, Batman's sidekick.

The words 'HA HA HA' are tattooed over various parts of his body, as well as other smiling faces.

A jester is tattooed on the right side of his chest.


Joker is a twisted individual. But he has a charm about him. He can read people and use what he learns against them. Had he not been so insane he would have made a great therapist. Able to talk himself out of and into almost any situation, and always one step ahead of the law. Batman is the only one that has managed to take him out and even then not without trouble and headaches.

Joker makes nothing easy. His truths are lies and lies are truths. He can be your greatest ally so long as you remain useful to his cause. what is his cause? No one knows. Not even him. Joker never seems to have a motive for the things he does, he just likes to be in the middle of the chaos. Money can be a factor for the man. He always seems to have an abundant of it  yet never seems to care when it's wasted away.

The joker enjoys being mysterious. seeing himself not as a human, but as an idea. As an art form, something to be pondered and thought about like a puzzle that can never be solved.  Once you think you have him figured out he changes the game and forces you to start over from the beginning.
It's that unpredictability that makes him feared among the other villains of Gotham. Even they have been known to assist Batman in catching Joker when they thought the Clown had gone too far. But Joker does it all for a laugh.

Likes: Guns, tattoos, fighting, fast cars, crime, Harley Quinn (depending on the day) crazy shit yo!

Dislikes: Everything else.

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn or Harleen Quinzel was Joker's personal psychiatrist. She fought tooth and nail to treat Joker. Just coming out of her residency, Arkham was hesitant to let her treat such a high profile criminal but finally relented. Young, new, naive. It was just the type of person Joker needed. He spun her line after line of his so called abuse. Maybe some of it was true. Most wasn't. But to her, his heartache was real. His torture was real.

She wanted to help him. To change him. To make him better so that he could live a normal life in the world. She used every option available to her. including electroshock therapy. Joker took it. Though some of her methods only showed him just how twisted Dr. Quinzel was herself.  No caring, compassionate doctor would have put a man, already tortured through the shit she did. This was the woman he needed to get help him, get out. But not in the way she imagined.

Joker flirted. Started to playing to her emotions. Thanking her for all she was doing for her, then finally asked for favors. When she not only complied, but later confessed her love for him. Yes, he laughed at her. She was a fool. But she was his fool. and proof of just how powerful he was.

Of course...Bitch was pretty crazy before...

Sample post

When the outbreak happen Joker happen to be locked up in Arkham Asylum...Again. Thankfully one of the guards kept him and some others up to date on what the hell was going on.
It seemed that some airborne illness had gotten out and all of Gotham was under lock down. Some of the inmates started to panic and was demanding to be let out. Some wanted to leave the city, and there were a few others that wanted to make sure their families were safe. Well...That was a few days ago. A lot of the guards had fled with what weapons they could carry.
The inmates that demanded to speak to their families were told that everyone was dead. It was only then that Joker became a bit interested. Weather out of worry or just curiosity no one could tell. Maybe a bit of both.

But he was soon making demands to be let out as well. if the city was dead, what was the harm in letting the crazies have the city? The governor seemed to feel the same way because the next day the guards cleared out with all weapons and the inmates were released. They didn't even bother to evacuate the city of uninfected first. The city was taking no chances, if you didn't get out by now, you either fell to the virus or to the criminals.

The first thing Joker did was collected his things from holding, dressed, then gathered a few men to go with him to hunt down some usable weapons. Outside of the asylum was quiet, it wasn't until they got into the city that they seen the real hell. New plan. Get the hell out of the city.

You. go grab that van drive it round here. we're getting the fuck out of here.

The van that joker wanted was across the street and passed a few of those undead things. But the fat guy that was given the orders figured he was going to die if he didn't get the van so he may as well go for it. And he was NOT a runner. But he did make it to the van much to Joker's surprise who was watching and waiting with a wide grin anticipating what those things would do to Tubby. But he made it and Joker sneered in disappointment. Well least we got the van. When it pulled up he and the second guy jumped in. Joker gave Tubby a hard pat on his back. Good job,Tubby! You didn't die! Better luck next time. Now let's go...
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PostSubject: Re: The Joker Profile   Sun Apr 30, 2017 6:41 pm

Puddin'! So smexy!

Love the profile! Good job! The sexy pics are greatly appreciated, too. Wink

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The Joker Profile
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