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Name: Abaddon
Age: 5
Sex: Female
Family: Negan-"Father" (Who killed her parents when she was two)

Abaddon was born Jessica Bougios. It was when her parents Josh and Kim came across the Saviors that things took a turn. Not willing to give up what they had to Negan, including his wife, the couple was both killed violently by Lucille. Negan took Jessica(who had witnessed the murder of her parents) in as his own, her age at the time was barely three. Though she seemed to have an understanding of what had happen to her parents, she took to her new role and name quickly. sticking by Negan's side and learning from him.

The girl hardly spoke a word to her adopted father, and even less to others. She spoke to no one at all outside of the community. This wasn't by any rule, but she simply didn't like to talk to others. The only things she spoke to was her dolls. How she loved her dolls!

Now at the age of five, Negan has found she plays a little rougher with her dolls. The girl has no clear concept of life or death, instead saying her dolls have broken and were not really alive to begin with.

At night Negan does lock her in her bedroom for fear she will harm the other women in the house.

The child suffers from severe schizophrenia.

Not only mistaking living humans for dolls. But hearing vivid voices that she believes to the voices of angels. Sadly they are not the kindest angels.


Like all little girls Abaddon likes playing tea party and pretending she's a princess. Her favorite color is purple, and her favorite animal is llamas. She likes to wear dresses, the puffer the better! And she can never get enough ribbons! She also loves going for rides on motorbikes.


Negan changed her name to Abaddon because of it's origin; In Revelation Abaddon is described as Destroyer. the angel of the abyss. Some faiths even believe Abaddon to be the devil. And the bringer of the end of times.


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