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 Beth Greene

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Beth Greene
The Walking Dead

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PostSubject: Beth Greene   Tue Feb 14, 2017 12:08 pm

Name: Beth Greene
Age: 18

Living Family:Maggie Rhee (sister)
                  Glenn Rhee(Brother-In-Law)

Deceased Family:Hershel (father)
                       Annette (Mother)

I love you  Personality I love you

Beth is soft-spoken and shy. She has a soft spot for puppies, and is quick to offer help to those in need. She's a vegan, taking her love of animals and all living life seriously, though she had to drop her vegan life once the out break happen. Beth is also very religious and would go to church regularly before the out break. She tries her best to keep the peace within the group, using her talent for song to sooth the tension and help put others at ease, if only for a few moments.

I love you Pre-Out Break I love you

After Hershel married Annette, and she moved into Hershel's farm, she gave birth to Beth. Beth lived her entire life on the farm prior to the outbreak. As Beth grew older, Hershel still had his habit of drinking alcohol, but strictly forbade her ever to drink. Hershel also raised her to do good things in life, and to believe in God and faith. Hershel always protected Beth from the harsh reality from the outside world and not to follow the bad things he had done in his past life, such as going to jail and drinking alcohol. Her family raised her to have good manners and behavior, and were usually overprotective of her. Unlike Maggie, Beth was oblivious to the outside world. She perceives things in a different perspective, and as a result she believes that there's goodness and hope in everything, even in the most desperate situations. She also would sing and play the piano in front of people when she was a young child.

I love you Post Out Break  I love you

Beth was sheltered from the chaos surrounding her. At first, Beth was rather timid, pessimistic, and kept her emotions to herself, but after being forced to see her mother's death and horrific reanimation, Beth finally broke down. She became understandably depressed and suicidal. She confided in Maggie about her emotions and soon after attempted to take her own life by slitting her wrist. She changes her mind however, and get's help from her sister, Maggie and her father. With their help She Becomes assertive and stronger-willed.

When Rick and the group first arrived she mostly kept to herself, her shyness getting the better of her mixed with the unknown. It didn't help that her father didn't want the group there and was at first only allowing them to stay because Rick's son, Carl was injured. Shot by their farm hand, Otis. It was an accident of course and the carl ended up fine in the end. Most of the groups stay, her father was off drinking. Her sister Maggie started to get close to one of the group's survivors, Glenn and over some time things started to seem to get better. Carl healed. Rick helped her Father get a hold of himself. There were bumps in the road still. But it wasn't horrible.

It came crashing down when the visitors became aware of the walkers that were being held in the farms barn. The family being convinced that the infected where simply sick and didn't want to kill them. They were let out, and Beth watched her mother be killed for a second time putting her back into a spiral of depression, one that nearly took her life.

More trouble would come as infected made their way to the secluded farm. Too many to fight, and too dangerous to stay. They attempted to lure as many of the infected as they could inside the country home, and then set the house on fire. There were other losses that night as they fled the home.

After countless weeks of walking, running and hiding and simply trying to survive. The group came to a prison. Here they settled in and called the place home. By now Beth was finally opening up to the others some. While living at the prison she and Carl bonded and Beth was happy to have made a friend. When Carl's baby sister, Judith was born, Beth would often volunteer to watch the little one. Sadly, Carl and Judith's mother had passed. More sadly, it was Carl that had to make sure she stood dead. More horror came in the form of a man called the Governor. A bad man who did bad things. He attacked their home after a long battle between the groups. In the end, her father was beheaded by the man and the group was forced to once again flee their home.

during this escape however, the group became separated. She and Daryl found themselves alone together, and over time they bonded, though she was sure that she probably annoyed him most of the time. He was still fun to be around...usually.

I love you Present Day I love you

Beth had wondered off on her own as she tended to do while she was traveling with Daryl. She never strayed to far though. But this time would be different. When she was out of the view of her travel companion she was grabbed from behind. A heavy hand placed around her mouth to muffle her voice. She struggled against her kidnapper, but was pushed into a truck and taken.

Her captor was a man named Negan. And though when he spoke to her, he did so softly and calmly, she didn't sense anything good about the man, and her senses soon proved to be right. as soon as they made it to his town she was brought to his house and given rules to follow. Of course she resisted at first. there was punishments. each one worse then the other. still, she resisted, because she wouldn't be there long, Daryl would come save her. He would track her down and be there any moment. But no one ever came. Negan's punishment for so called, bad behavior only got more brutal over time, before she he finally broke her.

I love you Likes I love you

Like a Star @ heaven Animals
Like a Star @ heaven babies
Like a Star @ heaven hugs
Like a Star @ heaven singing
Like a Star @ heaven Dancing
Like a Star @ heaven Candy
Like a Star @ heaven Her family

I love you Dislikes I love you

Like a Star @ heaven Walkers
Like a Star @ heaven Negan
Like a Star @ heaven running
Like a Star @ heaven Sweating
Like a Star @ heaven The feeling of falling into an endless void

I love you Scars I love you

Since being with Negan, Beth has suffered at his hands and collected quite a few scars over her body.
Like a Star @ heaven An iron shape burn scar on her lower back
Like a Star @ heaven The name Negan carved into her inner thigh
Like a Star @ heaven Countless deep scars across her back from being whipped
Like a Star @ heaven Scars over her arms and wrist (self harm)
Like a Star @ heaven A burn scar on the side of her stomach from the stove top burner.

I love you Sample Post I love you

There were other women there. None wanted to be there, they were forced to. Be a wife to Negan, or their real husbands would pay a deadly price. Beth didn't have a husband to lose though. She wasn't there under a threat of someone else being killed or hurt. She herself had been threaten of course, but, Beth never had put too much value on her own life. In fact, since having been imprison in Negan's home, she had tried multiple times to end her life. Each time either Negan, one of the women or some random town member found her, nursed her back to health and she would be punished.

The punishments varied. Anywhere from rape, to being burned with hot irons. Sometimes it was public humiliation, locked up in the middle of the town, naked, cold, for days. But even that isn't what broke Beth. Even crying herself to sleep every night, hugging her pillow, she would tell herself that the group was out there. They were safe, and she was going to see them again. She would see her sister, and Glenn, and Carl. Everyone. She just had to endure for a little longer.

It started with a rabbit.

There was a day. A rare day that Beth was allowed to go out, not on her own, but outside and get some fresh air. She loved the animals in the town, the horses and chickens and Rubin the goat! She enjoyed the garden and pulling the weeds and just getting her hands dirty and doing something outside of that hell house. It was in that garden that she spotted a small brown rabbit. it was cold and shivering, but other then that wasn't very responsive. Beth knew that the poor thing wasn't going to live if it stood out there, so she took it back in the house to care for, Negan knew of the rabbit and surprisingly allowed it. days, weeks, went by. The rabbit who Beth named Hops, was healthy and so friendly. Hopes would even follow her around her room, hopping next to her feet. That rabbit was the only good thing in Beth's life. So of course Negan had to take it from her.

It was around six at night when Negan came to her room. There was no locks on the doors so he let himself in. You're cooking dinner tonight. He told her.

That wasn't anything too unusual. She was sitting on her bed and nodded, but didn't look up at him. sure. What do you want? her voice was low and soft. She always did have a soft speaking voice, but with Negan, she was always fearful of talking to him, of staying something wrong, having the wrong tone.

Rabbit. Bring you're friend.

Beth's eyes widen in horror. He couldn't be serious, but she knew that he was. Her only friend, her small pet. Tears fell from her eyes as she finally looked at him and shook her head. No..please...I can't...

Oh sure you can! Let's go.

No...NO! Beth held Hops to her chest She was standing up to him and knew that she would be punished for it. She also knew Hops was going to die. But it wasn't going to be by her hands.

Negan walked in the room, grabbed Beth by her hair and pulled her out of the bedroom. Stop being a little pussy. It's a fucking rodent. and you and I are going to eat it after you kill it. skin it and cook it.

And so, that was the night Beth finally broke. In the kitchen through tears and horrible heartache, she was forced to murder her fuzzy friend who had done nothing but been there when she felt scared and alone. She heard Negan's laughter as she had to peal the little one's skin off, she gagged as the smell of it's cooked flesh filled the kitchen. And then she sat at the table with devil. Her tears no longer falling, she had nothing left in her. He mocked her, belittled her. Forced fed her her own pet, then fucked her on the table.

That pattern would continue. He told everyone in the town that if they found a wounded, or sick animal to bring it to Beth. She was told to care for the creature. She was given time to form a bond, then she would be force to kill and eat it. Try as she may to not get attached to the charges that came to her, her heart always cared too much.

But someone would come for her. They wouldn't leave her there. She just had to endure for a little longer...
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Beth Greene
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