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 Lazarus King

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Lazarus King
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Lazarus King

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Lazarus King Ian-with-his-blue-eyes-ian-somerhalder-24263405-367-450

Name:Lazarus King
Nick name: Laz
height: 6'5
weight: 160
affiliates:The foot
Race: Human
Lazarus King Ian-five

Personality: Laz is a sweet heart. A hopeless romantic, and sometimes a bit too much of an optimist. He will be the first to give you the shirt off his back, and feed a hungry animal before himself. A highly skilled fighter. Laz is no pushover. He can and will take out anyone who is causing others pain. He's not shy about voicing his opinions and standing up for what he believes to be right.

Style: Laz likes to believe he's living in the 80's (which he argues is the best of the years) Button down shirts, tight jeans (he has the ass for it). He enjoys accessorizing with chains around his neck and flashy watches. All fake. Turns out being a professional ninja doesn't pay well. Of course that was before the out break. Now Laz settles for lose Jeans and t-shirts, if he's lucky a jacket and combat boots.

Like a Star @ heaven  Family and breaking out
Lazarus King Tumblr_inline_mpchixVdsA1qz4rgp
Before the outbreak Laz was more or less living the life of luxury. He was a top Foot assassin for the deadly foot Clan in New York City. He lived in the Foot Tower which was a privilege given to few. He kept to himself, Made a point to keep very few friends, the handful of people he did talk to he wouldn't call them close friends just people he knew he trust in a time of emergency. He didn't use people. that wasn't the case at all. In fact, when asked, he was always willing to help someone else out no matter his social standing with the person asking. He was just very shy, one top of that, untrusting of others.

There were many people in Laz's life that had let him down. His parents for one. He didn't know anything about him, not because they abandon him at a young age, or because he was taken away. Laz's parents were religious. Extremely so. Imagine the movie Carrie, But with a male, and without the cool powers. All women were evil. TV wasn't allowed unless they were watching that strange church channel. His family hardly had any money. They could have been living middle class, but his parents gave to their church so much they were poor.

Laz left his house...Escaped his house, when he was seventeen. He had been home schooled of course. No friends, no outside contact with anyone his own age. He was socially reticent. Suddenly being on his own, without knowing how to live, was a huge culture shock.

Like a Star @ heaven Banishing Demons
Lazarus King Msg-132330407917
The scrawny kid who knew little about the world and even less about where not to walk at night, found himself in the hospital beat up often. it was his fifth trip to the ER that one of the male nurses finally gave him a brake. He told Laz about some classes he could take, that it would toughen him up, and maybe he could start putting other people in the hospital once in a while. Laz brushed it off at first. But having time to think it over while laying in the crowded hospital, he went. It changed his life.

There he met who he would consider a real father figure. Master Tatsu.

At first nothing went right, there was a lot of yelling, mostly directed at Lazarus. When the yelling started, Laz could no longer function. He froze in fear. This went on for weeks until Tatsu took Laz aside to get to the core of the issue. Of course no one enjoyed being yelled at. But the Master could sense more then a simple fear of his yelling and frustration. His student was suffering from something that needed to be dealt with before he could move on.

That's when Laz's training was put on hold for a year. He was sent on a spiritual quest in South Korea  in the province of Chungcheongbuk-do. He would be living with and training, praying, and preforming daily activities with the monks at the Beopjusa temple.Lazarus King Beopjusa-temple_38201302002000623_beopjusa-temple-lighting-ceremony

Over the course of the year. Lazarus learned many things. courage, patience, forgiveness. He even learned basic life skills for when he returned home, as well as the local language. And of course, he learned self defence and was taught that those teachings, fighting, was only when nothing else had worked. The year was almost ended. Lazarus was a happier man, grown in many ways. But his demons haunted him still. His parents. The treatment he had at the hands of his mother and father. Finding no other way, the monks banished the memories of his parents from him through the use of hypnosis.

Back home Laz felt light, He felt strong. He felt free. Not once did he feel like he was missing something by having such a large portion of his memories taken from him. they had been replace with happier times. He would never know, So everyone hoped.

Laz's training started once again with Tatsu. This time nothing held Lazarus back. He moved up in the classes quickly, got a job, a small apartment.

When Tatsu felt he was ready. Laz was introduce to the Foot Clan.

Like a Star @ heaven The Foot
Lazarus King 934914_10152531642835942_970815982_n
The Foot was the single most amazing thing Laz had ever seen. Meeting Master Shredder was the single most horrifying moment in Laz's life! But he got through it! He made it to try outs! It felt like America's got talent death match. First they went onto mat and showed off a routine. When everyone was done that, they were partnered with a sparring partner. The point wasn't to kill the other person, just to see if you could block hits. No, the killing was for round three.

Round three was a last man standing sort of game. Two people start. The winner fights the next person, and so on and so on. There's no weapons at this point. No one there, as far as Laz knew, had touched a sword before. Everyone was probably thankful that there wasn't blades flying around the room. Laz managed to stay in till the second to last round. He lasted seven rounds which put him near the top of the list. He made it in.

Turns out, making it in the clan is the easy part.

The moment he was told he was in (it was more of just a nod of Shredder's head) his life was an endless cycle of training, fighting, working (He no longer held his job. He worked for the Foot. He lived with the Foot) His diet was monitored closely by dietritions. But he was good at what he did, and the praise he got felt good. Taking lives, not so much. To counter what he had to do for work, to heal his soul and mind, Laz did a lot of volunteer work when he could. Also, when he knew no one was around, he liked to play super hero. He sometimes thought about ditching the Foot and doing just that. Batman was just some guy that could fight right? But Batman had money too. Laz wanted to save the girl. Not hunt down someone who he didn't even know what their crime was. Not that he ever had time for girls. In fact...Laz never had a girlfriend in his life.

Post-Break out

When the out break first happen the Foot was alerted. Everyone was in uniform and taking orders as they were given. At first, everything was running smoothly. Laz was stationed across the street from the Tower. It was early morning, nothing unusual was happening. He spotted some people walking by, but they were normal looking people. No one said the word zombie. Just that there was people attacking others and the unusual behavior was spreading quickly. They were also told people were eating each other. Laz nodded and as a joke (he wasn't joking) asked for a gun. Ninjas don't use guns. Last Laz heard he was an assassin. He killed. Did it matter how? No!

So they all waited, in silence. Hours...

Then everything got silent. It was as if someone turned the volume to the world off. No birds, no foot steps, talking, even wind. Still and silent. The kind that you so desperately want to scream into to break, but afraid to do so as if some unknown evil will find you. Laz realized he was holding his breath when he heard the first of the helpless moans. Taking a slow breath he turn to the direction of the noise as did the others. There was one of them, the closer it got...Laz couldn't believe it. Looking around at the others it was clear they were all thinking the same thing. It wasn't until one of the guys behind Laz spoke up that everyone felt safe to admit they were thinking the same thing.

"You guys uh...Think we should go find Wesker?"

Like a Star @ heaven Present day

Three years. It had been three years since he seen the first one. One. It wasn't one. It was a horde. The guy cracking the Resident Evil jokes jumped down to kill a real zombie. Dream come true for a gaming nerd. That's when the horde came. every jumped in to help. Most lost their lives. Skilled fighters, Highly skilled fighters. It was insane. Laz made it out of there by burying himself under a pile of his dead fellow soldiers, it took months to get rid of the smell.

After loading up on guns and ammo, Laz headed out of the city. he never did go back to the tower. He didn't care about those people. Tatsu wasn't in the states, so he had no reason to go looking for anyone. He took cars, driving as far as they took him, finding gas where he could. Ate what he killed. Funny. he seemed to just know how to do that. Hunt, skin an animal, and cook it. He couldn't remember anyone teaching him that before. But it came in handy.

He was out by himself for close to three years before meeting Negan. Negan was one mean son of a bitch. Honestly, Laz hated the man. But, he had a place to sleep, food, cloths. Unlike the others he didn't have a woman so there was nothing to worry about there, and being that he was a fighter, his skills were put to use in guard towers, or out hunting. Laz learned fast, he kept to himself, provided Negan with a few things here and there, and the psycho didn't bother him. If there was a fight, an argument, Laz stood out of it. The one thing that weighed heavy on his heart and soul and mind, was knowing that there was women being abused, and he couldn't do anything about. Or maybe he was scared to. Maybe Negan scared him.


Maybe Negan reminded him of someone...He just couldn't quite remember....


Like a Star @ heaven Sunsets/sunrises
Like a Star @ heaven puppies/kittens/all manner of babehs
Like a Star @ heaven Super heroes (his favorite his Spider-Man)
Like a Star @ heaven eating (Doughnut holes! YUM!)
Like a Star @ heaven The idea of one day being someone's hero

Lazarus King Large <----- Suspect I swear I don't know who that girl is.

Like a Star @ heaven Negan
Like a Star @ heaven Zombies
Like a Star @ heaven fighting
Like a Star @ heaven killing
Like a Star @ heaven child proof pill bottle caps! Damn those things!
Like a Star @ heaven smoking (of anything)
Like a Star @ heaven walking in wet socks

Sample post

Laz had always heard of people having time slow down on them, or their life flash before their eyes. That never happen to him. He couldn't even imagine it. But seeing one of his men standing there, the head of a freshly decapitated...thing on the ground, and what seemed like hundreds of them coming in on the man in a wave, yeah. Everything slowed down. Even with that slowed perception, it doesn't make it any easier to take action. One man was going to die, probably be eaten alive. Should you risk more? It's not like the Foot had a Win or die policy in place. They could run from this. They SHOULD!

When his sense finally came back to him he was going to tell them to stay where they were, on the roof tops, Laz was almost certain they wouldn't be able to get up to the roofs. Unless there was zombie flies. Man that would suck so many gerbil balls. We're going to stay put. No need to.... He didn't even get the order out and these ass hats were jumping into the fight.

With a scream that was both of determination and frustration, Laz jumped into the fight.

Laz knew this was hopeless before it started. He watched people he worked and lived with fall. But that was normal in his world sadly. This was different. They didn't just fall. They screamed, as they were ate, as their insides were pulled out of their bodies. It was too much. Laz tried to make a run for it, but the horde was thick, the ground had become slippery. When he fell, he did the only thing he could think of doing, he pulled every dead body he could reach on top of him, laid still, and prayed.

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Yaaay, one of my favorite OCs ever!! ^^

Love the profile! And he's never had a girl? I just wanna snug him!

Like a Star @ heaven Profile approved!! Like a Star @ heaven

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Lazarus King
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