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 Lexi Davis (Original Character)

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Lexi Davis
Original Character

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PostSubject: Lexi Davis (Original Character)    Sun Jan 29, 2017 10:51 pm

Name: Lexi Davis

Nicknames: Lex

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 120 lbs.

Age: 24

Alliance: Undecided.

Martial status: Negan's favorite 'wife'. He has several.
Family: Her parents (deceased) Negan ('husband') 8 month old son: Kai


Some would consider Lexi tall, and perhaps a bit too skinny for her height. Still, she is beautifully formed with long well toned legs and curves where they count. Her hair is long, dark brunette. Eyes a light blue coloration. Before the apocalypse, her skin was flawless and tanned. Being deprived of tanning beds and the joy of beaches, her color has paled considerably and skin now adorned with various scars from her experiences with this new and unforgiving world.

While in the 'care' of Negan, she is usually dressed in beautiful but skimpy dresses that compliment her form and gives the man easy 'access' to her, or the numerous other women within his harem.

After leaving Negan and the safety of the Sanctuary, Lexi's wardrobe depended on what she could find to wear, and preferably anything that could protect her from the elements. After joining a deranged group that promised safety, she was taught to wear the skin of Walkers to mask her scent and hide from people, who could often be more cruel than the monsters that now own this world. Certainly not her 'wardrobe of choice', but it kept her protected.

History: (Pre-apocalypse)

Lexi was born to very successful parents in the 'wilds' of New York. Her father was a well known lawyer who often fought to get thugs off the streets and thrived to protect the innocent. Her mother a well trusted surgeon. Growing up, she lived a very plush and desirable life, though, because of the high demands of her parents, she was mostly raised by a 'Nanny'. As she grew older, this caused a lot of resentment towards her parents and even though they lavished her with expensive gifts, it wasn't enough to make her feel loved. As she grew older, she became rebellious, taking to shoplifting and hanging out with the wrong crowds. During her later teen years, she became involved with a group of New York street thugs known as 'The Purple Dragons' after meeting one and being saved by him during an attempted rape at a party. She fell for the guy, and they became engaged, despite her parents' disapproval.

Still, despite her choice in lifestyle and involvement with the notorious gang that often used her as bait, Lexi tried to become a functional member of society. She attended college with the hopes of someday becoming a pediatrician due to her love and compassion  for children. She also volunteered at orphanages where most of her attention focusing on those with mental issues.

After losing the support and financial help of her parents, Lexi had to take on 'jobs' that would pay for her schooling. She took to adult modeling and dancing at clubs where the men were very generous with their 'tips'.

......then, the world ended.......

After the outbreak:

She was asleep in their run down apartment when the sirens rang out. Gazing out the window, her eyes were met with pandemonium in the streets. 'People' attacking people. The infected ripping out the throats of their victims, consuming them as they breathed and screamed out for help. Before she could make sense  or register that she had been thrust into a new and cruel world, a horde of the undead managed to break into her apartment. Due to her experience with the gang, she was able to fight and shoot her way out of it and had to evacuate her home....

Weeks, then months were spent searching for her love. Hoping against hope that he was still among the living. She searched all of the small survival camps and sanctuaries looking for him, always going against the advice of leaders and leaving to look for him....

It took a long time to accept that she would never see him again. The undead had no doubt claimed him and she was forced to face this world alone, and chose to do just that, not trusting the groups that often offered her sanctuary. Because there was always a price. The men had grown desperate and often preyed on the women.  After months of being on her own, a military truck passed through with men in uniform. Men that Lexi thought could be trusted. They offered safe harbor and a place to rest.Due to what she thought was their background, Lexi joined, finally giving up on her lost Love. The trip was long, but she was finally in Atlanta where they promised a sanctuary existed, and the CDC was close at hand....


Discovering the real intentions of her 'saviors' and that women would be used for experimentation and breeding to repopulate, Lexi managed to escape and quickly took to the forest. But Atlanta was a completely different kind of 'wild'. Still, she managed survival, stealing from the CDC and camps and savaging where she could. An old, run down cabin became 'home', until the Saviors found her....


The group promised her sanctuary and safe harbor, and while she had refused the help of others up until this point, she was starving and knew that her mentality would not survive much longer left to her own devices. She had always preferred the company of others, and being alone... her soul was dying. In a last ditch effort to save herself and to hopefully make this existence worth while, Lexi agreed to accompany the men back to their 'town', deciding that if things did not hash out, she could escape...

And then she met him. Negan. The stuff of dreams. Also, the leader of his group. He was charming and charismatic and knew how to feed her all of the right lines. The mad man managed to make her feel that she was the only one. Someone special. Someone she could spend the rest of her days with. Her protector.... and then.... her husband.

Unfortunately she would discover that she was not the only one that held Negan's affections. He had a harem of women, and not all too eager to cater to his 'needs'. The ugly truth of her new husband slowly came to light. All of the things that he tried to hide from her. The men here served him, and not all by choice. Their wives were the collateral and most had joined his harem to spare their husbands of abuse, torture and even death....

The Wall of Victims...

Snooping around the Sanctuary,  Lexi happened upon a grizzly sight. Photographs of men, even young ones, with their heads smashed in. Devastated  with the realization that she had given her heart to a Monster, Lexi tried to talk to him. Fought to change his opinion and lack of respect for the living. Unfortunately, her efforts were all futile and she was soon met with hard choices. Leave and face this world alone, or accept what he was....

Discovering that she was pregnant made the final decision for her. Negan was not fond of children and if her baby was male, his chances would be slim...

Stuffing a small backpack with clothes and food, Lexi left the Sanctuary, hoping against hope that she would stumble across a safe haven before her little one was born...

The Whisperers

After being on her own for a few months, Lexi met a group of survivors that called themselves 'The Whisperers'. Nearly killing the second in command due to the fact that he looked like a Walker, she soon learned that the group survived my wearing the hide of the undead. Seeing her will to live and her fight, the group decided to induct her into their fold, which she reluctantly agreed upon, considering her desperation and needing protection for when her little one was born.

Unfortunately, there was a price. The discomfort of wearing Walker skin and witnessing her new 'family' kill the innocent for crossing their territory wasn't enough. She soon learned that they lived by 'pack' standards, like wolves. There was Alpha, the female leader that would not refer to herself my her given name, and Beta, the male second in command.

Being a new recruit meant dealing with sexual abuse. The males were allowed to have their way with her, and if she resisted, the treat of dismemberment was hung over her head. The 'pack' even took advantage of the young teenage and pre-teen girls of the group, and even Alpha's own teenage daughter was not given immunity to the abuse. After deciding to leave, Lexi tried to convince the teen girl to come with her, but she refused. Even though devastated by repeated rape and sexual assault, the young girl wanted to be with her mother. Despite reluctance to leave the teen behind, Lexi had to think of her own unborn child, and left the group, once again hoping to find a safe place to raise her baby, but sadly, that did not happen.


Months ticked by and Lexi once again took refuge in an old cabin, and now heavily pregnant, only ventured out to scavenge for food and logs to burn and keep warm. Unfortunately due to her condition, she could not move fast enough to guarantee safety, so reverted to wearing the flesh of the dead to mask her scent. Sadly, that was not enough to spare her during the birth of her son...

The strong scent of blood and the cries of her newborn attracted a horde that surrounded the cabin as she brought a tiny life into this world...

There was no time to recover. Draping herself and her newborn in the hide of Walkers, Lexi escaped the horde, but just barely. No matter how hard she tried to detour the Walkers with unpleasant scents and decaying flesh, the sounds of a newborn's cries alerted every zombie for miles...

There was nothing but running, no time to rest. And then the unthinkable for any new mom, especially for those stuck in the apocalypse.... due to malnutrition and the stresses on her body,  Lexi could no longer produce milk for her son. She scavenged every store and house for miles, putting herself and baby in danger, hoping against hope to find formula, but to no avail. The harsh realization soon set in, and she knew that a hard choice would have to be made. It would not be humane to let her child starve, and if his pained hunger cries continued, neither of them would live long....

She would have to put him out of his misery...

It would be the hardest decision of her life, but she loved her little bundle too much to allow him to suffer. But... there was another option. One that offered no guarantees that her son would survive, but he deserved a chance to live. To grow...

After swaddling her baby in a soft blanket, with a note pinned to the blanket that read 'His name is Kai, and he's our son- Lexi', She placed him on Negan's porch and after giving the door several loud knocks, disappeared into the brush and watched on with tear filled eyes as her son's father took him inside....  

Eight Months later....

Survival had been difficult. Moving around would give her a chance at living, but .. for what? It was all very tiring. The world was depressing enough, and  dealing with missing her baby. This world was cruel. All of the running and starving and having to wear walker hide just to stay alive, she slipped into deep depression. But still, she fought, developing a deep distrust of humans. She had witnessed cruelty in its many forms, even coming across her 'husband', watching on from a distance and horror and heartbreak as he captured a small group of survivors. A young Asian male, an American who looked to be a former sheriff, and a black woman, adorned in dreadlocks and a sword strapped to her back...

She watched on in horror as Negan smashed the young Asian over the head, and felt the heartbreak and rage of the 'sheriff' as he reacted, attempting to spare his friend. His heroics were rewarded with death. The Asian was taken, and the woman managed to get away. As much as she wanted to assist, doing so would result in her own capture, and perhaps even death. She chose to keep her distance, but watched the Sanctuary from afar, hoping she would be able to help the young male that Negan had taken...

She had witnessed as Glenn escaped certain death a second time, but not without being severely injured. She struggled with the desire to help him when he nearly bled out in the unforgiving cold, but another male came to his rescue....

Lexi thought she had seen the last of them, but days later, the Asian was spotted out in the forest, without recovery and strength and awareness as the horde and the Termite hunters closed in on him. Deciding to react, she took actions that would place her own life in danger, but she was counting on her 'costume' of Walker flesh and putting in faith in the young man, feeling that he was a genuinely good person....

During her visual over him while he was bleeding out in the woods, he heard him muttering a name, a woman... possibly his wife... therefore, he knew love, and those that still clung to love, they did not let this world destroy him. And that was the contributing factor in her decision to intervene, to sink her teeth into his flesh and shied him from the undead and the hunters that would roast him alive...


*Children and babies
*Caring for others
* Warm snuggles
*Dancing in the rain
* Love

* The cold
* Starvation
*Being taken advantage of
*The outbreak
*Losing loved ones

Sample Post:

She could hear them, their moans carrying through the air like a lullaby that guaranteed to bring her into the next world. Under normal circumstances, she would have ran, would have put distance between herself and this place, between the Walkers that threatened to rip her apart. But leaving while in labor, she would not make it far. The smell of blood would certainly draw them in, and the crippling pain would cause her to fall victim before she could make it a hundred yards...

The doors and windows of the small hunter's cabin had been well barricaded, knowing all too well, this day would come. She had lost hope months ago that she would find a safe have. A group of people that would give her a sense of family and protection and earn her trust. Those were all just pipe dreams these days. As the final days of her pregnancy approached, she accepted the realization that when she gave birth, she would have to do everything alone.

Survival was not guaranteed, but there was no turning back or undoing what was fated. She would be giving birth to this baby, even if it caused her own death....

Bloodied fingers entangled in the sheets with each violent and unforgiving contraction. She was forced to muffle pained screams, knowing that sound would only draw them closer. She fought desperately to distance her mind, knowing that could be her only saving grace. Her love for the ocean. The sound of its roar as waves crashed against the shoreline. The beautiful and clear blue of the water...


Her saving grace. The Grace of God and her only mercy. With one final push, all of that was delivered in a small human form. Her hope. Her sanctuary and peace of mind. The reason she would continue to fight and run.The answer to her universe...

But there would be no moment to bond. Nor would there be time for composure. The door was threatening to give beneath the weight of the horde. The new mother was forced to quickly get her little one cleaned and wrapped before the damned broke through and closed in, threatening to take her in the most bittersweet moment of her life.....
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Lexi Davis (Original Character)
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