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PostSubject: Show Quotes   Tue Jan 24, 2017 11:32 pm

Killer Within (#3.4)" (2012)

[Rick's group sees Glenn and Maggie messing around in the guard tower]
Carol Peletier: Where's Glenn and Maggie? We could use some help.
Daryl Dixon: Up in the guard tower.
Rick Grimes: Guard tower? They were just up there last night.
Daryl Dixon: [Daryl shouts up to the guard tower] Glenn! Maggie!
Glenn Rhee: [as Glenn steps out half undressed] Hey, what's up guys?
Daryl Dixon: [when some of the group chuckles] You comin'?
Glenn Rhee: [as Maggie steps out nervously] What?
Daryl Dixon: You comin'? Come on, we could use a hand.
Glenn Rhee: Yeah, we'll be right down!
Maggie Greene: [as Glenn and Maggie both head back into the guard tower, Maggie whispers] Sickos.

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