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Captain Boomerang

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It's not a bloody children's toy. It's a refined and elegant weapon which, in the hands of a master like yours truly, can lop yer bloody head off!

Name: George "Digger" Harkness
Alias:  Captain Boomerang or just Boomerang
Gender: Male
Age: 38
Hight: 5'9
weight: 167
Single ready to mingle
Professional Criminal, amiture liquor connoisseur
Citizenship:  Australian

Place of Birth: Korumburra, Australia

Sexuality: Bi/Furry/Brony/Open to new experianeces

Harkness is "an unprincipled sociopath with little or no moral sense of right and wrong."This extends to sexual harassment of women/men, and vocal racist tendencies. He has little regard for human life.

Uses a wide variety of gimmicked boomerangs
Limited superhuman speed called "speed bursts"
Unarmed Combat
Natural sexyness

Boomerangs: Explosive Boomerang: A boomerang that explodes.
Collapsible Boomerang: A boomerang that collapses so that it can be easily concealed
Lightning Boomerang: A lightning-fast boomerang that even knocked out the Flash.
Razor Boomerang: A boomerang capable of cutting through bone and flesh when thrown correctly.
The illegitimate son of an American toy-maker, W.W. Wiggins, and an Australian woman, Betty Harkness, George Harkness was raised in poverty in the small town of Kurrumburra, Australia. His stepfather, Ian, hated the boy and made his life miserable.

In school one day, Harkness crafted a boomerang. He discovered he had great skill with the aboriginal weapon and often used it for mischief with his best friend, Mick Wentworth. He further honed his skills while spending some time hiding from the law in the Australian bush.

When Harkness was eighteen, he and Wentworth robbed a general store and were able to make their escape with the aid of Harkness's boomerang. However, this incident caused Harkness's stepfather to kick him out of the house. His mother gave him a plane ticket to Central City and told him to get in touch with his father, Wiggins.

Wiggins had been searching for a spokesman for his company's latest product, a toy boomerang. Under the alias "George Green", Harkness auditioned for and got the job. Wiggins outfitted him with a costume and gave him the name "Captain Boomerang."

Harkness, however, had other plans for his new alter ego. He began a string of jewellery thefts. This alerted the attention of the Flash, and the Scarlet Speedster caught him in the act during one of his heists.
Harkness was a conniving, conning scum bucket. After Flash caught “Digger” for the first time, the neophyte Captain Boomerang claimed that he was framed.  He told Flash that someone was impersonating him as the immoral Captain Boomerang, and he even introduced the speedster to a couple of actors who were pretending to be Harkness’ elderly parents. Flash bought into it and let Digger go. But, as he always would, Captain Boomerang kept committing boomerang-themed crimes until Flash rounded him up.
Once, he planted special getaway boomerangs in every jail within one hundred miles of Central City, where they would remain invisible until he concentrated his brain waves to materialize them. One year later, he had the chance to use one of them. He was being transported to the state pen, but an anonymous phone call (which had actually been made by Boomerang's father, Aussie Green) said that there was a bomb in the patrol wagon that he was being transported in. The police evacuated the wagon and put Captain Boomerang into temporary custody at the police station. However, he used one of his getaway boomerangs to escape. As he escaped, he hurled a boomerang at Barry Allen for rubbing him the wrong way.

Joining the Suicide Squad

Amanda Waller recruitd Captain Boomerang to her new Suicide Squad, in exchange for a pardon and prison release. He was forced to wear an explosive bracelet that would detonate if he disobeyed orders. They attacked Brimstone at Mount Rushmore. Blockbuster died in front of him. Boomerang distracted the monster with projectiles while Deadshot made the kill. Boomerang was furious when he realized that they were all supposed to die, and Rick Flag explained that every one of them is expendable including himself.

Waller tried to keep Boomerang locked up, but Flag insisted on honoring their deal and released him. Boomerang immediately returned to the streets and embarked on a crime spree in New York City, where he battled Changeling and The Flash. Waller sent Deadshot to kill Boomerang, but Flag stoped him.

Captain Boomerang is forced to continue serving with the Suicide Squad, but he still has to wear an explosive bracelet (unlike other permanent members) because Waller does not trust him. It is immediately established that the other Squad members do not like working with Boomerang, because of his loud racist and sexist attitudes. Boomerang sexually harasses his teammate Plastique, so Mindboggler uses her powers to embarrass him in front of the group.

They are sent to destroy the terrorist group Jihad in Qurac, and Boomerang is told to neutralize their speedster Jaculi. Boomerang is used to dealing with the Flash, so he easily defeats Jaculi and kicks the terrorist off a roof to his death. Boomerang sees that Rustam is about to kill Mindboggler, and decides to let her die as punishment for humiliating him.
Harkness remained with the Squad until it was disbanded
Life After The Squad
After the Suicide Squad disbanded, He rejoined the Flash Rogues and even took on Superboy. Harkness found himself an anachronism. In the modern, high-tech world of super-villainy, a conman in a mascot costume wasn’t able to get much work. At this time, a depressed Boomerang decided to reunite with his estranged son – Owen Mercer. Mercer and Harkness bonded as Boomerang begged his old pal the Calculator for a meaningful job.

Meanwhile, Sue Dibny, the wife of the Elongated Man, was tragically killed. The same killer that robbed the world of Sue’s brilliance hired Boomerang to take out the father of Tim Drake.

Boomerang took the gig, but unbeknownst to the now portly Harkness, the only reason he was hired was because the killer thought that the incompetent Boomerang would botch the murder. The real killer sent Drake a gun to defend himself, but Boomer had one surprise left – this time, after so many years, his boomerang struck home, killing the father of the third Robin…

Suicide Squad Take Two

After a botched government mission forces her to execute an injured teammate, Amanda Waller sets out to assemble an expendable field team, prompting the formation of a new Suicide Squad. Waller forces dozens of Belle Reve's death row inmates into a series of rigorous tests and torture scenarios to evaluate their loyalty and value as potential Squad members. The finalists—notably including Deadshot, King Shark, and Harley Quinn—are outfitted with micro-bomb implants, and inducted into the Squad. The Suicide Squad's missions typically involve the elimination or retrieval of high-value targets.

Eventually, Waller recruits serial killer James Gordon, Jr. to act as Belle Reve's in-house psychiatric adviser—but unbeknownst to her, Gordon quickly develops a twisted infatuation with Waller. One ongoing and unresolved plot point involves the Samsara serum—a medical treatment that Belle Reve's doctors use to resurrect dead Squad members

Waller had approached Black Manta with an offer to join the Squad, just before the Crime Syndicate of America raids Belle Reve.  Waller gets to a secret area in Belle Reve, where she instructs Deadshot and Harley to take the team to the Rocky Mountains to intercept a weapon. Before doing so, Deadshot and Harley are able to recruit Captain Boomerang back to the team. Back at Belle Reve, James Gordon, Jr learns that the Thinker is building a satellite to control something and it is seen that King Shark is working with him. Amanda Waller has recruited Warrant, Steel and Unknown Soldier, on the basis that the former Suicide Squad betrayed her by joining the Crime Syndicate and are using her intel to get the weapon in the Rockies for the Syndicate. In the Rockies, Power Girl arrives to assist the new recruits.

When the new recruits arrive at the weapon, which turns out to be OMAC, they see that Deadshot, Harley and Captain Boomerang are already there. Unknown Soldier contacts Amanda Waller, letting her know there is a problem, and she instructs him and the rest of the new recruits, to kill the reformed Suicide Squad. However, it is revealed that Unknown Soldier is actually talking to the Thinker, while the actual Amanda Waller is attempting to contact Deadshot to not bring OMAC back to Belle Reve, as the Thinker has placed an explosive collar around her neck.

The two teams continue to fight until Unknown Soldier realizes that his team was approached by a holographic Waller and were tricked. Meanwhile, Harley Quinn (who is working for the Thinker) takes OMAC and activates him causing him to fire a laser on the mountain which collapses on the two teams inside it. At Belle Reve, James Gordon, Jr. finds Amanda Waller who proceeds to bring him to a secret sub-level in the prison. On the way, she tells him the history of the Task Force program and all the failed attempts that lead up to Task Force Team X before being found by King Shark.

Harley Quinn arrives at Belle Reve and drops OMAC near James Gordon, Jr. James Gordon Jr. confronts her and puts a knife in her back and an explosive collar around her neck. James Gordon Jr. learns that she betrayed the team in the Rockies, and learns that the Thinker is planning to use OMAC. While James is talking to Harley, the Thinker has taken OMAC and begins transferring his mind to it.

Power Girl is able to lift the fallen mountain, allowing the two teams to get free. They split up to find a way out of the mountain and while searching, Warrant falls into running water and is swept away when Deadshot fails to help him. The teams are able to make it out and attempt to contact Waller for an extraction. At Belle Reve, OMAC is fighting King Shark and Kamo, while Amanda Waller attempts to activate Belle Reve's fail safe through the Thinker's computer. Before she is able to do so, Kevin Kho reaches out to her telling her that he is trapped within OMAC.

Deadshot and Harley find "magic bullets" that will allow them to gain temporary super human powers. Deadshot fires them into Harley, Waller, himself, and Unknown Soldier and the Squad begins to attack OMAC. Kho is able to regain control of OMAC before Waller has to enact her last resort. But without knowing, Captain Boomerang knocks OMAC into a porthole, sending him to another dimension.

Waller later tells the Squad that the "magic bullet" was actually a strand of a nano-bomb and they are once again tagged with the explosive collars.



Those locked up in the Belle Reve Penitentiary were probably the last to know about what was happening when the out break started. Digger, and others, knew something was wrong though. The guards were in a panic. Some where leaving to be with family and others were insisting that the penitentiary was the safest place to be and they were staying. Inmates were demanding answers about what was going on, but weren't getting any answers. Like the guards, inmates had different reactions. Some with families on the outside were making threats, others didn't care. Digger stood by his cell's door, looking out the small square window.

Outside his door he could hear more then he could see. What he heard didn't sound good. And caused more panic. Screams. The prison wasn't safe. Then he heard two men talking about what to do with the prisoners. At once all the cells in the building unlocked, the sound of metal doors echoed through the halls. Digger took a step back not knowing what to expect. But when nothing happen, no one came rushing in. He made a run for it as did the others. Within seconds Belle Reve was taken over by prisoners and infected.

The Australian thief made a bee line for the supply room hoping to find his cloths and weapons there. Every time he was sent on some mission he was given his shit so he knew that they had to be keeping it. The fact that he had an exploding collar around his neck was not forgotten, but he needed to worry about one thing at a time.

It would take him over an hour to actually find his gear. His search was met with fights, with guards, inmates...infected. It was seeing the infected that freaked him the fuck out! he thanked every god he could think of that he had grabbed a gun off a guard and was able to take out the infected guard that rushed at him. When he finally found his stuff he changed his cloths, tucked his weapons and other things in his coat and then made his way out of there.

Turns out, getting out of the prison was the hardest part of Digger's whole Zombie experience. Once he's was out of there, he didn't have much problems. He made it back to the city within a few days to discover that all hell had broke loose everywhere. But, being his calm and collected self. Digger knew assessed the situation and took action...

Armor truck in his possession. He raided ever liquor store he came across. He also made sure to have plenty of gasoline on hand. As well as weapons. Over days, weeks, months. He had gathered food, blankets, change of clothing and other comforts. The truck had become not only a means to get around, but also his home. His 'home' had only one basic rule, no one else was allowed inside. He had a few people that noticed him and begged for help. But in times like these you couldn't afford to waste your supplies on others. Besides, it's not like he knew these people. He didn't owe anyone a damn thing. Though, he would warn the ones banging on the bullet proof windows of any incoming infected. So he wasn't a total asshole.

He did bring in a small dog once. But when he caught the mutt chewing on his beloved unicorn, Pinkie, he tossed the pup out and ignored any other animal since then.

Three years of driving around aimlessly finally brought him to the Wayne Mall. Knowing damn well who owned the place he wondered if he was better off staying in his truck.


Some key deffinitions
Brony: Brony is a gender-neutral term Formed from the words bro and pony.
Furry:  a subculture interested in fictional anthropomorphic animal characters with human personalities and characteristics.

The unicorn's name is Pinkie. Boomerang had the stuffed animal for about 8 years. He (sometimes she depending on Boomerang's mood) was giving to him by a long time girlfriend of his. This same woman was the one that introduced him into the whole world of Bronies and Furries. Though he was mostly freaked out by it all at first. He had to admit that some of the drawings that people did within the fandom were damn sexy. And his girl didn't look too bad when she put on her ears and tail either. That was the start of a new fetish to add to his many he already had.

While with the girl, Pinkie stood in their bedroom, on a shelf. sometimes he would find the plush dressed up with a tiny hat or scarf.

But realizing that Boomerang wasn't going to stop his criminal ways and settle down, and tired of his drunken verbal abuse. She left him. And since then, he never goes anywhere without that damn pink unicorn. Those that have seen a peek at it and asked questions are usually answered with a bloody nose. He doesn't talk about the plush, nor does he talk about his sexual preferences, unless with a partner, and even then it's iffy.

Like a Star @ heaven Boomerangs
Like a Star @ heaven Pinkie
Like a Star @ heaven Beer
Like a Star @ heaven Making children cry
Like a Star @ heaven fighting
Like a Star @ heaven stealing
Like a Star @ heaven sex
Like a Star @ heaven money
Like a Star @ heaven Rock and Roll
Like a Star @ heaven Pot
Like a Star @ heaven spaghettios


Like a Star @ heaven Cops
Like a Star @ heaven The Flash
Like a Star @ heaven Batman
Like a Star @ heaven Prison
Like a Star @ heaven Kids
Like a Star @ heaven Small animals
Like a Star @ heaven Being outnumbered
Like a Star @ heaven Being cold
Like a Star @ heaven Ya momma
Like a Star @ heaven Rules
Like a Star @ heaven Laws
Like a Star @ heaven Zombies
Sample Post

It wasn't that George Harkness was a bad singer. It was that he was a horrible singer. Coming to the Cat's Meow in the French Quarter was not one of the wises ideas the thief had. He and his two partners in crime had just scored a decent sized amount of cash from a bar a few blocks over. The three agreed that it would be best spent on cheap booze, Cheap food, and even cheaper woman. They had hit up a small pizza place already. The place was run down, roaches everywhere, but the pizza was fucking amazing. Best on the street. Now they were at the cat's meow.

Though it sounds like a strip joint. It was actually a large karaoke and dance bar. The drinks were crazy cheap though.

All was going well. The three had met up with some ladies. Best part, they didn't seem like whores! So that would save them some money. But, like all things with Boomerang, it went down hill when he got one too many drinks him. Thankfully, he wasn't getting into any fights, yet. Oh no. He was heading to the stage. Seemed the scruffy Australian got it in his inebriated brain that he could belt out a few tunes. This was either going to be a total train wreak or the girls they were hanging with would find it so endearing that they would head home with them no questions asked.

As soon as the music started. The answer was train wreck.

Digger held the mic way too close to his mouth. his singing was more like a screaming, drunken whale that was drowning while being raped anally with a sandpaper dildo. The song he was suppose to be singing was My heart will go on. Those poor people who died on the Titanic were rolling in their graves for sure.

The song wasn't even halfway over when the guy running the karaoke turned off the music. Everyone was laughing, even Digger's two friends. Though the wanna be singer was more pissed that his song was cut short.

Hard to say who throw the first punch. But a wise bet would be Boomerang. The karaoke man was on the floor bleeding, Boomerang was throwing punches at anyone that came close to him. Security was rushing the stage. Weapons were pulled out. The other bar goers screamed and ran out the front door. Those out in the street stopped to see what was going on. Cops of corse were called. The two partners slipped out unnoticed leaving Boomerang to handle this shit himself.

above the other noises you could hear his voice yelling that he just wanted to finish his fucking song! And really. Was that too much to ask?

Boomerang managed to injure two bodyguards. No one was killed. Digger was carried out, kicking and cursing to the back of a police van. Once he settled in the van and the metal door was shut one of the male cops leaned against the door and looked through the small window.

George, man. You got to stop getting yerself in trouble. I'm getting tired of seeing your face. We talked about this, you'll never have a singing career. I'm telling you this as a friend.

It'll happen one day, mate! I have the voice of an angel. The world deserve.....

His sentence was cut short when his stomach decided it wasn't going to keep in the liquor that he had drank.

Take him to the drunk tank. Let him sleep it off...Call that woman that's in charge of him too, what's her face? Amanda Waller...

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